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My Artwork

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This section is for my Artwork. Here you will see my drawings of Lady Ultra and some of my other characters, all characters here are my own creations. If a character here is not my own, I will give credit to the creator of the character. You can see the improvement from my earliest drawings to my latest one.

Lady Ultra · Lady Ultra abducted · Lady Ultra probed · Lady Ultra weakened · Lady Ultra battles Grimlord ·
Lady Ultra blasted into wall · Lady Ultra in a trap · Lady Ultra Vs. Gilgasmash · Lady Ultra Flees · Lady Ultra ready · LU immobilized · Grimbots · LU Vs. Jaws Giant Gilgasmash Junior Ultra 4 on 1 · Lady Ultra Vs. Lady Omega · Gargantua · Flame Freak · Lady Ultra Shrunk · 2 on 1 Lady Ultra Vs. The Shado

UFO Attack!
B/W drawings

Crimson Cat

Omnigirl Lightstar Lady Midnight Go-girl