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Lady Ultra's Links

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These links have my seal of approval. I've personally seen these sites and I guarantee you won't be disappointed! I'll add other worthy links in the future!
UltraHeroix.Com, the new home of Lady Ultra and her Superheroine friends, where you can get live action videos and connect to other forms of media to follow their adventures and keep up with the news.
Reviews of Superheroine Sites(This is a cool site to see how the top Superheroine Sites Rank against each other!)
The Power of Women in Spandex
The Spandex Playground
The Adventures of El Frenetico & Go-girl
Villain's Superheroines Demise (The best superheroine in peril site ever!)
Superheroine Central
Space Dames (Original Sci-fi heroine photo-stories)
The Anything goes Webpage (A place to see Anime/Manga Artwork & Cosplay!)
RBoyd's Heroine peril
Sugarcoater's site for superheroine art
G-nose website (See Sailormoon and Sailor Scouts in peril!)
Shackled Senshi page (A great site to see Sailormoon and Sailor Scouts in peril!)
Light Speed University (A great cheerleader site!!!)
B-Brand Comix (A good site, with cool original characters!)
The Stone of Adventure (Adventures of a superheroine named Pulse!)
Becca's Superheroine site(A site featuring SuperBecca and other Superheroine characters!)
http://SUPERHEROINES.COM cool superheroine site!) great superheroine site by The artist Scribbler!) creative superheroine site by Villain!) gorgeous woman who masquerades as the girl of steel!) site for the Star Trek fetish!)
Malia site featuring my favorite lady wrestler!)
GiorgiaCosplay(A gorgeous Italian woman who masquerades as popular superheroines!)
Live (From the creators of and Spandex Playground, This new site is awesome!) (A site for Cosplay Enthusiasts!)
Superheroine Links (A very good site for links to superheroine sites and more!)
Crimson Hawk (A very cool site featuring an original superheroine and more!)
Heroine Pinch (A cool site with links to many japanese superheroines!)
Hypnotics World (A bice site with Superheroines that are knocked out and/or hypnotized!)
Superwoman links(An interesting site with links to many more superheroine sites!) only place to get "special" human sized dolls to fulfill all your superheroine and other fantasies!) place to see Superheroines win and look great doing it!)
Reviews of Superheroine Sites(This is a cool site to see how the top Superheroine Sites Rank against each other!)
Fanboy Theatre(The best place to see high quality Fan-made films featuring well-known Superheroes and Superheroines!)

º These are great sites to get costumes! (buy or create your own)
IITYWYKM Designs (An Awesome site where you can design and professionally custom make your desired costumes!)
Costume links (A list of sites where you can buy costumes!)
Frank Bee Costume(A big site for costumes and accessories which you can buy online!)

º These are great superheroine Yahoo Clubs!
Superheroine Peril Art (Another Sugarcoater Site!)
Doc Evil's Site for Superheroine Art (His work is legendary!)
Dominating She-ra Website(A She-ra in peril site!)
Biker's Artwork Website
Wonder Woman Domination

º 3D Superheroine sites!
Ultrawoman (CG Japanese Superheroine)
Ethernet (CG Superheroine chloroformed stories)
Liberty: The American Girl (A Cool 3D Superheroine)

º These are great places to get superheroine videos!
Double Trouble Wrestling (Gorgeous Women wrestling each other and Cool Superheroine Vs. Villainess fights and stories sold on video tapes.)
Hollywood's Webkitten (Video tapes, featuring Hollywood as Wonder Womyn wrestling villains.)
Dynahunk Video Productions (Video tapes, featuring Electrobabe & Dynachick.)
New Phoenix Filmworks(Videos featuring original Superheroines)
Erotic Superheroine Videos(Videos featuring your Superheroines in erotic situations!)
Sleeperkidsworld(Wrestling Videos featuring Superheroines and a big photo section!)
Starr's Video Comics(Videos featuring Superheroines and Heroines!)
Wave Productions (Videos featuring Superheroines and Heroines!)

º To purchase videos featuring Japanese superheroines and other cool stuff go to these sites!
GIGA MANIAC WEB (The best Japanese Video site XXX featuring Japanese Superheroines!)
Shuttle Japan (A Japanese Video site XXX featuring Japanese Superheroines!)
Cool Stuff Videos (Great Japanese videos of superheroines,anime & other merchandise)
Henshin Video(Another great place for Japanese videos of superheroines,anime & other stuff!)
Zone Media (Another place to get Japanese videos)
Image Anime Co. LTD (Another great place for Japanese videos,anime & other stuff!)
The Right Stuf (THE #1 place to get all the Anime you want and need!)
Anime Jungle, Special collectors! (A MAJOR FIND! The new place for the japanese superheroine cds,dvds, tapes and more!) (A handy tool to see what something costs in yen compared to the american Dollar and other currencies, a must for shopping oversea sites!)

º You can find the music I used here!

Super Saiyan 4 kk19's Dragonball Z-GT Center

º I got the animations from these sites. Check'em out, they're awesome!!
Iron Mouse Picture Shrines (Feturing all the popular Anime & Video game heroines!)

º These are other good sites, although unrelated to superheroines, I still found pretty cool. Check'em out!!

Go to rodans Roost
Rodan's Roost (A Japanese Monster movie site!)
Exit Mundi(End of the world scenarios!)
Go to Camp Chaos
Go to JoeCartoon
The Magic Box (The latest news in Video Games and Game Console news!)
Candy Stand (A lot of cool games!)
TOONAMI (Cartoon Network's Anime Website)
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