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Marron, A Sweet And Gentle Little Girl

Name: Marron
Eyes: Black
Hair: Blond with tails
Tousan(father): Krilin
Kaasan(mother): #18
Close Friends: Bra, Goten, Trunks and Pan.

Marron is a cute little lady. She is the daughter of Krilin and 18. When she first appear she didn't have a nose like is father. But the when she grew she got one (quite the acomplisment considering she is Krilin's daughter). At the start she is a very sweet and shy little girl, always around her father. She is also like Bra daddy's litle girl. Marron never fights or even learns how to flight but she grows up to be a beatiful lady. So sweet and gentle she is your typical teenager girl, just like Bra crazy about shopping. Marron might not fight but she is still part of the new generation. She doesn't fighht because she seems to be to gentle for that and Krililig and 18 wanted her to grow away from all the horrors of battles. She also as a crush on Trunks and since they are good friend the possibilities are very good for this two, but we never found out what happen. She grows up to be quite beautiful and seems like a good match for Trunks. Personaly I will like to see them as a couple just as much as Trunks and Pan. She and Bra seem to be very good friends and since she is older than Bra she is always like the big sister Bra never had. She also seems to be a close friend of Goten.

Beat by Luna Sea