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Gundam Wing: Shadows of the Past

Z ˜ ˜ ˜

Prologue: Peace Everlasting…?

In A.C. 195, there was a war between the inhabitants of a planet called Earth and the colonists who lived on the orbiting colonies. It was instigated by the actions of an organization called the Romefeller Foundation, which was manipulating the weak United Earth Sphere Alliance behind the scenes, creating turmoil and chaos so that it could build and sell more humanoid weapons, called mobile suits. A secret organization within Romefeller, called OZ, had infiltrated the Alliance military, using it to ‘keep the colonies in line.’ They oppressed the colonists for twenty years. Finally, in a top-secret project called ‘Operation Meteor,’ a rebel group in the colonies sent five young pilots to Earth in advanced mobile suits made of Gundanium alloy, called Gundams, disguised as meteors. After a year-long battle between the Gundams and OZ, later called the Eve Wars, Romefeller and OZ were toppled and peace was achieved.

Peace was restored, and a new government was formed called the Earth Sphere Unified Nations, dedicated to pacifism. However, there was still danger lurking in the shadows. On the anniversary of the conclusion of the Eve Wars, Christmas Eve A.C. 196, the Barton Foundation, based in the colonies, attacked Earth, threatening to put in motion the real Operation Meteor; the dropping of whole colonies onto the Earth, creating widespread destruction and upheaval. Four of the same five Gundam pilots who had taken part in the Eve Wars fought for the peace of the Earth, eventually convincing the outcast pilot to join them in their efforts. The war was ended by the response of the people to the Foreign Minister’s call that they rise up and ask for peace. The uprising was later called the Barton Revolt.

Scenes from the Eve Wars and the Barton Revolt flashed across the screen of the computer, followed by the bio statistics of all of the prominent political figures and MS pilots. Something clicked, and the computer stopped in its tracks, the picture and profile of a young man with dark brown hair and cold Prussian blue eyes and a young woman with smiling violet eyes and light brown hair frozen on the screen, side-by-side.

Peace was indeed restored to the Earth, and the Gundams, in fact, all mobile suits were never seen again…

Then, suddenly, everything went black.

"Or so we hoped," a voice whispered. The person stood up, looking down at the computer seated on her desk. Pressing a button on the console, she held her hand over a square shaped depression on the smooth surface. It rose up slowly, and a circular disk with a mirrored surface popped out, gleaming in the dim light from a nearby lamp. She picked it up, holding it in the palm of her hand. Turning towards one of the walls of the room, she stared into the mirror leaning against it, studying the reflection of her hard, sapphire blue eyes and long, dark green hair. Her face was the exact duplicate of the young man’s.

"The shadows of the past are returning to Earth. I have to stop them before they ruin everything."

She tossed the disk into the air. For a moment, it spun in slow motion, suspended in midair, rainbows reflecting on its silvery surface. Suddenly, it shattered into a million pieces as the bullet passed through it, continuing towards the mirror. In the split second before it impacted, the mirror reflected the emotionless eyes of the girl, her smoking gun still aimed for her reflection. Then, the image of her face shattered as glass shards flew everywhere in a shower of bright knives, blanketing the floor.