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This chapter is a song/fic with the translated lyrics to one out of many of Duo's Japanese character songs! The song is called "Kitto O.K.!" (Translation: Absolutely O.K.!) On a personal note, this song is VERY COOL for those of you who haven't heard it. I will make other song/fics with Gundam Wing songs, but not all of my stories will be song/fics, as I'm sure you have guessed. And there will definitely be one with 'White Reflection' which is why I named my story 'Never Ending Story'(Also great song!). You'd understand if you'd heard or read the lyrics.

Chapter three: The Never Ending Story
The Glass Road...

After taking a second, or rather, a few minutes, to throw out all the junk from his gundam (empty soda cans, candy bags, potato chip sacks, and the ever present half eaten bags of popcorn) to make room for Hilde, Duo leaned back for a second to see how this could work. He still couldn't believe what he was doing and how his precarious situation had changed just by meeting her was so amazing and yet so incredibly weird.......

*A chance meeting can change your whole future...*

Never-the-less, it had happened.
Duo knew there wasn't any place in his gundam to put Hilde, especially with her leg hurt so badly, but in his lap. Maybe if it wasn't hurting her so badly then he could have put her behind the seat, which he wouldn't have liked anyway because it would have been unsafe, crowded, and too easy to mess up vulnerable exposed wires. Now he just had two problems...
1. Putting her on his lap and still being able to see and respond quickly.
2. Her reaction to it.
Of course, Duo didn't really have a problem with it. He was definitely a normal teenage guy in that aspect. Duo didn't have that many opportunities to have any fun, especially with women, and the men he had to hang out with were either older than him, were like Quatre, or worst of all, like Heero Yuy. Fun, fun fun. Sike!Right now, Duo was going to make the most out of this innocent situation. Like Timon and Pumbaa with their 'Hakuna Matata' motto, Duo also had a few choice words he chose to live by. They were 'live for the moment.' And being a gundam pilot, Duo knew that life was a fleeting word that was never guaranteed to last through any second. And that was why he was already planning on a turbulent ride....hehehehehe....

* Believe in miracles, things will work out...
It's gonna be O.K.!

He peeked his head out to gaze at the tiny speck of Hilde as he carelessly chunked out one last piece of junk that she looked at scornfully, gathering it up and tossing it into a trash-can that they drug over to place all the junk. A very big and overflowing trashcan.....It was very clear to see that Hilde was worrying about the condition of her house with a sloppy guest like Duo in it.
He just laughed, and returning his mind to the subject at hand, he concerned himself about her thoughts of being so close to him. He didn't want to upset her, though he didn't think that she'd be too picky. She seemed to trust him as much as he somehow seemed to trust her with all this priceless information... It was so rare for Duo to trust anyone.

* There's just one thing so important that you can't entrust it to anyone...
There's only one chance, reach out for it...tomorrow's too late. *

Time to call her up.
"Hey, Hilde!"
"You ready yet?"
Duo descended down on a cord and scooped Hilde up, using his side to support her. She grimaced a bit when her leg hit Duo's, and he frowned as he remembered the way that she had gotten injured...damn foolish men.
"Duo," Hilde asked, a bit nervously as they began up to the entrance, "How are you going to fit me in there?"
"'re going to have to sit in the cockpit with me." Duo explained, trying to think of how to phrase it properly without sounding like he was a male pig, "There isn't any other place that you could fit safely, especially..."
"I know, I know. Especially because of my leg." Hilde finished for Duo. "I already kinda figured that that would be what we'd have to do."
Duo just grinned broadly, happy that he didn't have to describe this little situation with a lot of detail. He hated that, and it really wasn't like this was a big deal or anything. He sat down first, and then gently pulled Hilde into his lap, taking great care not to hurt her leg and still trying not to laugh at that sweater. After a few seconds of adjustment, he couldn't help it but to notice that Hilde was shaking slightly. There wasn't too much doubt in Duo's mind that she was still a little on edge because of her last encounter with men. But she didn't have to worry around him! He didn't want anyone to feel uncomfortable around him. More than anything else, Duo just wanted to be an 'average Joe'.
"Hey Hilde," Duo said softly, "It's O.K."
Gazing up at Duo, Hilde realized that those few words had done more than a million could by her closest friends. She stopped shaking and tried to relax. Duo wouldn't do anything to her. She just knew it. So she smiled back calmly at him as he closed the cockpit.

* Forget about yesterday when all you could do
was hug your knees and sigh...believe in yourself.

Duo liked this a lot. He wasn't going to do anything that would hurt Hilde or get too close to her, but a bumpy ride would be a good excuse to have a little fun! And how could Duo possibly resist since 'fun' was his middle name! Even if the situation was a bit dangerous, he knew that they had a place to go, so everything was going to be alright.
He fired up the engines and activated the cloak, purposely making his take-off a little wobbly, kinda like a sneaky sneeze in Spring that leaves it's victim on edge, though they know the origin is from the pollen of fresh flowers.

* Maybe it will turn out fine, yeah, so I'm sure it will turn out fine
Your chance is right in front of you!...

Hilde gasped and threw one of her arms around Duo's neck, and his mischievous grin widened. He really had no worries now.

*It's's sure to be O.K.!
Maybe it will turn out fine, yeah, so I'm sure it will turn out fine.
For the dream that never ends...

He increased the engine flow, which led to a great gurgling and jumping of the motor, and she pressed herself to Duo, her hand swiftly swiping the other hand around Duo's neck, forming an odd necklace around his throat. Then, coming to her senses and recognizing that devilish grin on his face, Hilde just mentally kicked herself for her foolishness and smiled back at him as he returned the engines to their normal flow, laughing the entire time. Hilde completely relaxed and unstiffened herself, and secured her faith in the goofy Duo. With no more doubts, she just giggled at Duo's silliness and her own edgy nerves. And even though she knew Duo had been messing with her, she didn't loosen her grip either. As it would turn out, Hilde had a mischievous nature of her own...

* From the moment you give up, even luck will escape you
Just have fun until the pressure builds too high and...
It's gonna be O.K.!

"Sorry about that, babe, just a little turbulence..."
"Yeah, I'll bet." she snorted.
Another cackle escaped from Duo as he exited the colony and took a shortcut through space.
"So you ready for this?" Duo asked.
"Yes," Hilde replied bravely, without so much as a second thought. "Besides, what other choice have we got? I'll do anything to help you guys help the colonies!"

* There's only one rule---cowardice is not allowed.
There's only one chance to try---gamble your life on this game... *

Duo just sighed. He hoped Hilde wouldn't get hurt trying to help him. She reminded him so much of himself. But one thing was for sure, he couldn't have stayed where he was! Neither could Hilde. She was right. There really was only one choice. They were traveling on a glass road that seemed to have no substenacnce of it's own. Escorting each other down the transparent and fragile surface, both Duo and Hilde tip toed their way across to their unknown and questionable future. No answers could be gained as far as where it would take them, though many landmarked assumptions jutted out beside the walkway, the swerving and unclouded path did not give any hint as to which of the many sites they would find themselves at.

*Just keep running on the rails for someone...
I know you can't settle for being satisfied with where you are...

The trip wasn't going to take long. But Hilde was so comfy and tired that she was already starting to doze off. Duo's smile knew no bounds now as he gently piloted the DeathScythe Hell towards...home. He reflected on that word for a minute. It was one that most people were so accustomed to that they took it for granted. But for Duo, the word was so strange that he wasn't even certain as to if he should welcome or shun it from his vocabulary..... Looking down at the dozing woman, Duo contemplated her dreams. Was she worrying now? What aspirations of hers would his presence stall? He decided not to add it to his vocabulary, for her safety. It was just another temporary place of residence.

*You're always full of dreams...don't worry about anything.
Ride the wave you've been waiting for...

Somehow Duo felt that she wasn't worrying at all and that her dreams were being shaped by all these present events just as his were. Never-the-less, Duo knew that they'd be fine and he was very glad that she was more comfortable around him now. He didn't ever want to be a burden to her. He'd never wanted to be a burden to anyone...

* Even if your just hugging your knees and sighing
and can't see the answers, believe in yourself...

They neared the stopping point as Duo swerved into the entrance of L-2 and ducked into a secret entrance that led him safely past security and directly to Stan's Station. Before he uncloaked and landed, Hilde opened her eyes and stared sleepily at Duo with a drowsy grin on her face.

* Maybe it will turn out fine, yeah, so I'm sure that it will turn out fine,
Your chance is right in front of you...
It's's sure to be O.K.!

'That's too cute,' Duo thought, as he smiled back at her. Turning off the engine, Duo stopped to take a deep breath. He didn't really want to move, but he knew it was nessecary. Opening the cockpit, Duo released the controls of the Deathscythe Hell and wrapped his free arm around Hilde's waist as he assisted her up and out of the cockpit and down the Gundam by the cord. No sooner had they landed than did Duo meet up with Stan himself....
"Duo! Back again, so soon!" He chided as he practically roared with laughter, shaking Duo's hand with a flurry of friendly motion, "And who's this with you?" Stan inquired, smiling at Hilde, "It's unlike you to sport company."
Duo just laughed."I owe the girl a favor, her name is Hilde. We need a way to checkpoint 1-6-0."

* Maybe it will turn out fine, yeah, so I'm sure that it will turn out fine,
Your chance is right in front of you. *

"That old place...been abandoned for quite some time..." Stan murmured, brushing his bearded chin with his thick fingers, contemplating what Duo could possibly want to go there for, "Shame how those good people died, I tell you Duo-"
Hilde's droopy eyes lifted curiously as Duo cut Stan off with more laughter. He further interrupted Stan's gossip with a speedy response and very noticeable 'save it for later' look that Duo Maxwell was very well renowned for.
"That's because the grand-daughter who inherited it has been missing and was dropped off at the wrong sector of the colony!" Duo said humorously, nodding his head toward Hilde.
"So I see," Stan murmured, taking the hint, "Well, Duo, we'll do anything to help you out. First thing in the morning, we'll set you out with a truck to carry your gundam."
"Thanks, I owe ya'," Duo grinned, "but isn't there a way we could head off sooner...?"
"Good heavens', Maxwell, it's 11:00 at night!!" Stan exclaimed.
"That late?! Already?" Hilde yawned.
"Yeah, stay the night with us, we'll find a place for you guys. While we clean up, why don't you guy's clean yourselves up? I've got a couple of big T-shirts that you can borrow to sleep in..."
Hilde looked at Duo questioningly and he just grabbed one of the shirts Stan offered for his German friend as he ushered Hilde into one of the bathrooms, "You first, babe." Duo chided playfully, "Try not to slip into the drain, you skinny little thing!"
In spite of her tiredness, Hilde snickered at Duo's lame joke. She had been wanting a good bath for quite some time now...

* It's fine, it's sure to be O.K.! *

As it turned out, it didn't take them long at all to clear off a place to sleep. Hilde would get the couch, and Duo would take a pallet on the floor. Now, both of the men sat themselves down on the couch and, as usual, Duo was the one to break the silence.
"You gotta medic up at this hour?" Duo questioned.
Stan glanced over at Duo and gruffly chuckled. "We can get one up, I noticed that hobble."
"Yeah I don't think that it's broken, but I wanna check it out. Besides that, she's got several scars and bruises that haven't been treated, and she's been wandering on the streets for a while now."
"What got her?" Stan inquired.
"What d'ya think got her?" Duo responded in his, 'you should know better than that voices'. "And if you can't guess, I'll give ya' a hint, she was on the worst sector of L 2 -"
"I'll get some one right away." Stan interrupted. He was too tired to hear any story that would make him sad and keep him from sleeping, and although he was dying to know what this girl did for Duo to make him want to help her so much, he simply figured that he'd catch Duo later on it.
As Stan stood up, Duo pulled him back down, "Wait a sec, Stan. Let's wait until she's asleep. I don't think she wants people poking around on it, especially when she's so tired. Bring 'em in when I get out of the shower. By then, she should be fast asleep....Of course, that's assuming that she comes out!" Duo laughed, "She's been in there for nearly an hour now!"
Stan let lose another series of bellowous guffaws. "Reckon that legs slowing her up that bad?"
Duo chuckled, "Either that or she fell asleep in there."
"Nah." Stan replied, "I think it's because she's a woman, and they ALWAYS like to take their time."
Duo just grinned, "Probably."
Hilde chose just that moment to limp out of the bathroom.
"There you are sleepy-head." Duo kidded, "I thought that you may have drowned."
"Huh?" Hilde asked, so tired that her hobble was even more unsteady than usual. Stan directed Hilde to her temporary bed, and Duo wasn't sure if she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow or before it did. Either way it went, it was funny.

* You're always so full of dreams,don't worry about anything.
It doesn't matter if they don't come true....

"So Duo," Stan teased as he tossed the pilot an old shirt that was plastered with a rather large image of the cookie monster, "How long are you going to take?"
Duo ignored his taunting and grimaced at the cheery resident of Sesame Street.
"What the hell is this?!" He asked skeptically.
"What, can't a man have his role models?"
"Sweet Jesus!" Duo exclaimed, "The cookie monster!"
"Yo, man, you dissin' the cookie man?"
"Just get the medic!" Duo cried out as he fled to the bathroom.

* Everything's perfectly O.K.! *

Now that Duo was cleansed, everyone was ready to give Hilde her check-up. After giving her a little shot to keep her asleep, Stan, Duo, and Stan's medical pal, Barney, took a look at Hilde's leg.
Since Hilde was just wearing a big shirt as pajamas, Barney was easily able to check out her leg, rubbing a large bump over her knee. An odd sensation crept over Duo, and he involuntarily clenched his fist. It was nothing that the Shinigami could have recognized, after all, things like jealously rarely found their way onto the battlefield...
"Ah-ha!" Barney exclaimed, "Feel that Duo?" he questioned, directing Duo's hand onto the large bump and onto the soft skin...
'STOP IT!' Duo practically screamed at himself, snatching his hand back. 'Remember Solo, Father Maxwell, and Sister Helen! Don't you DARE get attached to anyone else!Never again!'
"Yup! Tough little cookie, she's got the endurance of her pep-paw, that's for sure! Just dislocated her bone, but that's nothing modern medicine can't heal up quickly!We'll just pop the joint in place, inject this medicine, and cast it up for a bit..."
Duo ignored the crackling of bone settling back into socket as best he could and occupied himself with dressing the smaller wounds. When all was done, Duo felt more at ease (with the exception of the grinning Cookie Monster on his chest!) and fell straight to sleep....

* You're always so full of dreams...don't worry about anything... *

Hilde awoke the next morning, feeling much stiffer than usual. As she stretched, she realized that her leg, didn't hurt anymore...
Reaching forward to pull back the covers that caked her leg, she stopped to gaze at her arms, which looked like a patchwork quilt! Rubbing her hand on her face, it also dawned on her that those cuts and bumps there had been covered! Thrusting back the blankets, it became apparent that her leg had not been wrapped up with sheets, but a cast. She threw an accusing look at the snoring Duo, who slumbered rather noisily in a cot on the floor.
"G' morning, Miss Hilde." A voice greeted her. Turning behind her, Hilde saw a rather elderly woman with weeping red eyes.
"Hello, good morning ma'am." Hilde said politely, wondering all the while how this sad woman knew her name...
"These belong to you, now." She said, relinquishing a small pile of assorted clothing, "You look so much like your grandmother...when she was younger...."
Hilde starred at the pile, somewhat confused. When she turned to thank and question the woman, she noticed that she had disappeared...
"I- don't understand..." Hilde murmured, as she silently tip-toed off to change...

* Ride the wave you've been waiting for... *

Duo Maxwell awoke as he often did, with a dry mouth and very, very hungry.
And right now, he smelt something very, very good... the tantalizing smell of bacon and eggs.... Following the tantalizing aroma to the kitchen, Duo saw none other than Stan and all his pals beaming over a meal that Hilde herself was cooking...
She was garbed with that huge sweater that still teased Duo's sense of style with women's clothes, a clean pair of black leggings, and a long scrunched pair of yellow socks that were fitted by some odd, but cute pair of shoes. Hilde also sported a red beret that made Duo smile a little. Though the look was comical, it was strangely comforting.
Hilde gazed up at Duo and grinned broadly, "A lady said that they belonged to my grandmother," she said, motioning toward all the odd little garments Duo had just taken notice of, "Can't you believe they knew her?!"
Duo just laughed as Hilde offered Duo a plate of breakfast that he rushed to. But as he reached for it, Hilde moved it to the side, taking advantage of the situation to get back at Duo for teasing her last night...
"When did the God of Death start dressing in Sesame Street nightgowns?"
All the men laughed as Duo sulked out of the room and changed back into his black preacher outfit. He strolled back into the room and snatched the plate from Hilde who still held back some laughter, and just before he started his meal, he stuck out his tongue to Hilde, who promptly returned the gesture.
As it turned out, Hilde was a terrific cook. It turned out that homemade food could be better than fast food, something that Duo had previously thought impossible. It can even be safely assumed that Duo would admit his true love for Hilde's cooking rather than Hilde herself at this point. After everyone had enjoyed their meal, Duo and Hilde packed up and said their goodbyes...