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Awards Page 7
Check this out!!  This award is very special and hard to obtain.  I was able achieve and surpass 7777 hits on my counter!!  Thanks to all of you who have supported Gundam Fanatik!!, and thanks to Raul for giving me this award.  Check his site, Crystal Universe out.  It's in on my links page.
The "Crystal Gold" Award.  Cool Name, eh?  Thanks to Kat for giving this awesome looking award to me.
I am quite fond of this award.  Just recently I've begun to watch Cardcaptors.  Maybe I'll do a site on it ^_^!!  Thanks to Misato for this award.
It looks as if Team Kaos has changed their award styles.  This is the first I've seen of it's kind.  Thanks again goes out to Team Kaos.
And rounding out this set of five is my very FIRST site of the month award!  ^_^ Thanks goes out to my cyberpal, Theresa.  Her site, MoonXcape, is also located in my links page.  It's definitely worth a vist, whether you are a Sailor Moon fan or not.  She has created a couple of banners for me that everyone is free to use to link me.