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Awards Page 6
Need I say more?  The only reason I got this award is because I found it extremely funny and applied for the fun of it!
This was good.  I got 3, count 'em, 3 awards in one e-mail.  What's more, I won them all thru the TAAE!!  I've never won multiple awards that way before!!  Thank you, Moonbug, for these cool awards!!
Check this out!!  4 awrds from one site!!  Thank you Theresa for these awesome awards.  She also made me some animated banners which you can use.  Please visit her site, Moonxscape.  Tell her I sent ya!!  ~_^
Thank you very much, Bunny, for giving me these awards.  Heero has now approved my site twice, and my site was voted "Best site of the Week"!!  ^_^!  Please visit her site.