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Awards Page 5
This is my second award from Moonlight Reflections, and it may also be my last.  The webmistress, Sailor Hotaru, is considering shutting it down.  E-mail her and tell her to keep it up.  It's a really good site that I'd like to see stick around a little longer.
This award is one of a kind!!!  I saw it and knew I had to have it.  I don't have another like it!  Thank you  Erika, for this great award!!
This award has got to have the best picture for an award.  Plus it fits the title well.  Thank you Julian.
HEY HEY!!  My first award thru the TAAE!!  It's sweet, ne?  Too bad my site didn't win the gold, but silver is still pretty good!! ^_^  Thank you very much, Lady Vitani, for this awesome award!!
My first award from a site that has "Fanatic" in the title!! ^_^  I can hardly believe it!  Thank you, Fuji, for this award!  I love it!
And this, ladies and gentlemen is my second award thru the TAAE!!  It too is a silver.  Thank you Jen-yu Chan for my very FIRST Escaflowne award!!  Too bad the series on Fox didn't last........
Look at this!! My third award thru TAAE!!  And I was beginning to think signing up was a waste of time!  Thank you Johan for this award!!
Check these out!!  These two awards from Crystal Universe come to me from Raul. 
Thank you ever so much!!  I am now the very first webmaster to win 2 of his awards at
the same time!  Thanks again, Raul!