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Awards Page 3
Well the awards just keep coming!  Thank you everyone!!  I'm happy that this many people enjoy my site.
This award was given to me by Liza!  Thank You.  I accept this in deep gratitude.  The count now stands at 21.
This is my second award from TAA.  I got a score of 8.7 on my site!  It's not the best, but for an ameature webmaster like myself, that's pretty good!  Thank you Keiichi.  This is my 22nd award.
This is definitely one of my favorite awards.  Given to me by Zoicite, it boasts a pic of Motoku Kusenagi from the "Ghost in the Shell" Playstation game.  This is SWEET!!!  Thank you Zoicite.  This award is my 23rd.  WOW!!
Check out this award.  It's small, ne?  Thank you, Ronin for this award.  This is my 24th.
This next award comes curtosy of Setsuna.  Thank you ever so much.  It's one of the few Sailor awards that I have.  Won't you visit her?  Oh, I almost forgot.  This is my 25th award.  YAY!!
Check this award out!  Man has it got flare! (hehe)  Thank you Mindy for this "hot" award.  Check out her awesome site by clicking on the award.  26 awards, my goodness!  Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
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My 27th award comes curtosy of The Eclipse.  Go visit his site, Anime Post.  He has one great flash intro.
OH YEAH!!  A Deathscythe award is totally cool.  Thank you Greg for this award.  It rocks!!  It comes in at number 28.
This award was given to me by Mr. V.  It's an award that took the place of one that I applied for.  I like it because it makes my site the first to have it, and unique because it's the only one out there (that I know of).  Thank you, Mr. V.  This is my 29th award.
Waahoooo!!!  This sets a new record!!  I am now the first site to win all THREE of Cathy's main awards!!  I am truely grateful to her.  Go visit her circus.  I'll be there with peanuts and waiting for the clowns!!  I now have a total of 30 awards.
This is also considered my 30th award.  I made this for Cathy because something happened to hers (<--) .  I was awarded this by her also.  You too can win this award at her site.