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SWEET!!  My first award featuring a gundam NOT in GW.  Coolness!  Thanks Skye!  Visit The Gundam Reserve.  I guarentee you won't be sorry.  By the way, this makes number 11 in awards.  This site must be truely awesome!
Awards Page 2
A second page of awards?!?!?!  This is truley SWEET!!  To be honest, I never thought my page would be so
cool as to win this many awards! 
Normally Sailor Moon awards would be out of reach, but this one I had to apply for.  Visit S I L E N C E, won't you.  This award makes my count 12 now.  Thank you, T. Hotaru!!
I can't begin to thank Miyu for everything.  Not only did she give me this awesome award, she's also made me three banners for this site.  Thank you, Miyu.  This is my thirteenth award!!
This award taught me a little patience, but it was definitely worth the wait.  Thank you Craig for this cool award.  I don't have many duo awards.  This award is my Forteenth.  YAY!!!
Duo's Garage webmaster, Joe, gave me this tight award of Duo!  Thanx Joe!  Now if only I could get his award for a phenominal site........oh I almost forgot!  This is my fifteenth award.
Awards 16 and 17 come from Preja's Anime Gallery.  Thank you Preja!!  She's in the middle of an upgrade, so keep your eyes peeled on her site!  I believe it is one of the best multi-anime pages out there, but you can decide for yourself.  Just click on the award.
This is one of Washyuu's golden awards!!  This award is handed out every month, so if you have a site you've worked hard on, send her an application!  Thank you Washyuu, this is my 18th!!
Now this award is something special!!  It makes my site the first site to win TWO awards from Cathrin's Circus to You!!  HOORAY!!!  Thank you very much Cathrin!!  This is my 19th award for those of you who care if I keep count!
This award is my 20th.  HOORAY!!  I finally made it to 20!  Thank you Rachel.  Go visit her spectacular site Gundam Romance, won't you?
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