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HTML Fragments for Webring

HTML Fragments

Now you can choose which HTML fragment you'd like to put on your page. Just replace the following and copy/paste the fragment of your choice onto your page.
--YOUR_ID-- : your site ID
--YOUR_MAIL-- : your e-mail
--YOUR_NAME-- : your name

Then e-mail me and I'll check to make sure you have the fragment on your page and add you to the ring. It's as easy as that!

Right now we only have two versions of the fragment: text-only and pictures.
I'll be making more soon, and when I do I'll notify everyone in the ring so they can change it if they want to.

This Original Anime Series Ring site owned by --YOUR_NAME--.
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For the text-only fragment, use the following code:

The Original Anime Series Ring

This site owned by

For the pictures fragment, use the following code:

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