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Wicked City

Purpose of Title~The city is wicked. Really wicked. There's a danger sign that reads "stay away:children, elderly, people with heart or back problems and anyone who's not a desperate fanboy"

Rated NC-17 for~Sex, Sex, Sex, Rape (by multiple

Wicked City is one of those good guy is a womanizer and saves the world in time to have some more sex sorta movies. Anything woman have fought for for the past 80 years have flown out the window with this horrible film. It starts out with Taki (main guy) seducing a woman into bed that he's been going at for awhile. During sex, she turns into a spider and tries to kill him. After that we learn that he's a body guard for the Black Guard and demons are trying to kill this little pervert guy (think Happosai, only much more perverted). He then meets Makie while protecting him, a woman from the Black World (bad people). After being raped by a demon, she continues on her job. On the way to a safehaven, she gets raped again (by a tenticle creature). Then, she gets caught by the Black World and gang raped by 3 demons for being a traitor. After being saved, she ends the movie with having sex with Taki (isn't that romantic? After a large rape orgy, I'm sure she'd be happy to have sex with him!).
This movie is really just a hentai, with a little bit of a back ground story. I felt sick after watching this, especially for poor Makie. Some people claim this is a very good movie and was really deep and the porn wasn't that big a deal. I disagree, I feel that it was basically a big hentai film with a little of a plot between the multiple raping and sex scenes. This film is merely for those hentai/ecchi fans who want to sit through an hour and a half movie of almost pure porn. There's probably 5 minutes of decent footage, without the shot of sex or nudity. Wicked City takes the cake from Golgo 13 for most sex scenes and violence.