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A Wind Named Amnesia

Purpose of Title~The wind sweeps through, and since everyone forgets everything, the talking people call "amnesia".

Rated R for Violence, Nudity, and Sexual Situations.

A Wind Named Amnesia is about the future, where a wind suddenly sweeps through the world and everyone forgets everything. Humans convert back to barbaric beasts, in some scenes even killing their own children in order to survive and get food. The main character (named "Wataru")acts like this, until he meets a small boy named Johnny who had been genetically engineered to remember. Johnny teaches him how to talk, act civil, and other things he knew before the wind. Soon Wataru meets this lovely lady Sophia, who also knows how to talk and such. They go around and help people stay alive, and try to teach. They then fight a major cult thing that worships a bomb (*cough*Planet of the Apes*cough*).
After much of the movie, Wataru figures out that aliens were testing the human race to see if we were dependent of technology. Wataru proves to them that there are people who care and such, so then they give back peoples memories.

Please note~~There's a scene at the end with Wataru and Spohia having sex, so if you have young'uns watching, fast forward!!

This movie was actually quite good, despite the last scene which didn't fit at all. Storyline was solid, and it had a plot ^_^ It actually made you kind of think about what would happen if we all turned barbaric and used the good old every-man-for-himself strategy. Hopefully there are actual people like Wataru out there. I found that the last scene of Wataru and Sophia having sex out of the story, and actually kind of ruined it. That's just my opinion, but still, this anime was pretty good ^_^