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Vampire Princess Miyu

Vampire Princess Miyu
Kyuuketsuki Miyu
Miyu~Watanabe Naoko
Himiko~Koyama Mami
Director~Hirano Toshihiro
Music~Kawai Kenji
Purpose of Title~Miyu is the princess of the vampire world. 'nuff said
Rated PG-13 for~Violence

Vampire Princess Miyu is about a girl who is part vampire. Instead of killing humans, she gives them eternal life (and every human wants that right?). She must also collect all of the Shimas~creatures that are both gods and demons. Himiko is a spiritualist that is hired by a young girl named Aiko's parents, because the child has been "asleep" for 60 days. Meanwhile in the city, there have been 5 mysterious murders of girls and women. It appears all the blood in their bodies has been sucked out, which is impossible due to the fact that they are struck in mere seconds. Himiko hears the news, and she decides to look into it. While searching for answers, she runs into Miyu and her servant Shima Larva. Miyu tells Himiko that the girl is dead, along with the parents, and procedes to extract a Shinma from the young girl's body, one that collects human dreams. Miyu traps it into the Dark~a place where the Shinma are supposed to be, and leaves before Himiko can ask her questions. In the second episode, Miyu is a student in the local school to find another Shinma. She falls in love with Kei, a popular boy. Kei loves the new girl, who promises she can grant him everlasting beauty. Miyu discovers that the girl is a Shinma, and she turns people into marionettes. Miyu and Larva come too late to save Kei as he is destined to be a doll for eternity, and live with the doll Shinma in the Dark. Himiko comes in time to rub it in poor Miyu's face that she lost her love. Third episode is basically Miyu trying to find some Shinma. Larva gets "locked" up by his "friend", another Shinma, and we get to see the history behind Larva and Miyu. She asks Himiko to help her, but then backstabs her and uses her for bait to kill Larva's pal. Then she must battle a man in armor, who had died from a disease, and his wife sacraficed herself for him to be reborn. He believes that he is a Shinma, but gets killed by the military (he is a giant armor man and no one thinks hes a human). In the forth and final episode, we learn about Miyu's past, and how she became the guardian of the Dark (meaning she has to collect Shinma) and how began being a vampire. We also learn about Himiko's past, how it links to Miyu, and what her future looks like.

Overall this is a good anime. Out of 5 stars, I'd have to give it a 3.5. The art is really nice, and the colors at times are very cool. The story line is cool, and its amazingly deep for being only 4 episodes totaling 2 hours. I thought it was clever how Himiko and Miyu's pasts were similar. I also like it cuz its not all killing and action, theres actually a story to it O.O! (shocking isnt it?). I recommend this, but its not totally a must see. If you like Blue Seed, or Outlaw Star you'd probably like this series (its got people chanting in it ^.^).

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