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Toonami Special

Cartoon Network

While FoxKids and KidsWB offer some animes, the best animes in America are on Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network just announced that its cutting down Toonami down to 2 hours instead of 3, and they have a poll for which series should be on in place of an hour of DBZ. While some, including me when I first heard, feel this is horrible that they are cutting down, but I give them credit for even putting it on TV. Most (ignorant) people think of anime as just pure hentai or violence (or both), so letting their children watch such "horrid" shows would be immoral. Cartoon Network has helped break this stereotype, at the cost of the quality of the shows. Outlaw Star, DBZ, and even Sailor Moon have been heavily editted so that the gentle and sheltered American children can watch them without learning how to shoot, beat each other up (like that doesnt happen anyways...), or become lesbians like their role models Uranus and Neptune (like making them cousins helps matters at all!! 0.0!). Of course America is one of those countries that blames everything except itself for its problems. Japan has unedited versions of all these series and more, but there has never been school shootings like that of Columbine. Sure, we would all love to see the uneditted versions of Tenchi Muyo, but as it is in America we have to deal with what we have. Perhaps in the future, we'll find that its better to leave shows that are for adults in Japan, to stay shows for adults here in the states too. As said by one of the translators for Outlaw Star, "its hard to translate a show about a guy who drinks and shoots people when you cant have him drink or shoot people..." (somethin like that, I was evesdropping from a conversation after one of the confrences ^.^*). I hope that Toonami continues to prosper, even if its only a half hour block.

Alright...these are all the shows that have made an appearance on Toonami

Sailor Moon (along with the "R" movie)

Dragonball Z (along with some movies)

Tenchi Muyo (along with Universe)

Outlaw Star

Gundam Wing (shown Endless Waltz, new~~Mobile Suit)


Batman (along with a movie of them combined {Worlds Finest})

Cardcaptors (moved from KidsWB)

The Big O

Blue Submarine #6

any others I'm forgetting...

Brief Statements about each~~

Sailor Moon-a girl with her posse destroying the "Negaverse".

Dragonball Z-a bunch of guys beating the crap out of bad guys.

Vote Android 18 for Character of the Month!!

DBZ Captions

Tenchi Muyo/Universe-a guy with a bunch of girls googling him fight some bad people.

Outlaw Star-a group of bandits blow things up.

Gundam Wing-5 (hot) guys in mecha suits destroy stuff.

Superman/Batman-guys in suits fight evil on the streets.

Cardcaptors-a girl catches cards and uses their powers to get the rest. (see the Card Captor Sakura review)

The Big O-A guy with an android and a big mecha (that looks a lot like the Eva 01) fight evil

Blue Sub 6-a short series about a guy who saves earth from being taken by water

Update~Midnight Run now on Cartoon Network

If Toonami wasn't enough, they've added a new selection called "The Midnight Run" that airs at 12 (11 central) on Sunday nights (sorry kiddies, most of us are in bed by that time, I should hope). Though there's only Cowboy Bebop, there's news of other possible shows. Because Midnight Run is on late at night, it allows them to air the uneditted versions of Cowboy Bebop. Therefore, Spike doesn't have a headache from "staying out too late", people aren't drinking "tea", Blood Eye isn't candy, and people don't go to another dimension after being shot multiple times. For the most I've seen, its uneditted, and if not, it hasn't been editted much.
Brief synopsis of Cowboy Bebop~Cowboy Bebop is about a group of bounty hunters traveling to make money. Each episode has its own little story. The background of the series is Spike's past with Vicious (the bad guy) and Julia (the other heroine after Faye ^.^v).

I hope Cowboy Bebop proves to more adults that there are mature "cartoons" that they can enjoy, while others are ones you could show your kids. Needless to say, I don't see Cowboy Bebop moving to Toonami anytime soon.