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Sorcerer Hunters

Purpose of Title~Their group goes around fighting evil sorcerers and protecting people ^_^v

Rating~R for Violence, Nudity, Swearing, and Mature/Sexual Situations

Kihou~Hiya all ^_^
Panpear~*shoves her over* Hey!! Don't steal the show! Ahem *clears throat* please excuse my partner...this is our first time writing a joint review, so...
Kihou~*shoves her over* BAH this is MY site!!
Panpear~*glares* I'm a guest!! You should treat me like one *scowls*
Kihou~bah we aren't getting anywhere fighting...let's start already!!
Panpear~*checks title of review* Ah yes, this review is about Sorcerer Hunters! ^_^
Kihou~yea Miss "Socerer" *giggles*
Panpear~*grumbles* Anyways...
Kihou~Sorcerer Hunters is about a group of people that travel around a world like Earth stopping evil sorcerers from abusing commoners
Panpear~non magic users
Kihou~*continues* with their magic. Carrot is sorta the leader of the hunter group
Panpear~and a pervert at that...
Kihou~heehee, like that one time...
Panpear~*covers Kihou's mouth* we'll just leave it at that ^_^ anyways he can't use magic, but turns into a big beast if he absorbs magic. Which means if someone throws a spell at him intending to hurt him, he absorbs it and changes into a big monster and squashes them ^_^ but if someone tries to hurt Carrot besides using magic, Marron protects him.
Kihou~Marron is Carrot's younger brother, a user of Eastern magic, which involves spells, seals, and scrolls (he's also very hot ^_^)
Panpear~hey I called him!!
Kihou~*grumbles* ya ya I know...
Panpear~*grins wildly* And the last member in the group is Tira. She may seem weak and innocent, but take off the overcoat and BAM she turns into "Mistress" a controller of Beast-Carrot
Kihou~and his normal form too...
Panpear~yea shes the brains of the operation.
Kihou~These three (later to be five) are directed by a goddess type person called "Big Mama" and a little chinese lookin angel girl called "Daughter".
Panpear~Big Mama tells them where the evil sorcerers are so that they can stop them and collect their magic which are stored as little figurines and givin to Big Mama.
Kihou~and Daughter...well...Daughters just there to look cute ^_^
Panpear~each episode/chapter tells one of their adventures of finding these sorcerers and banishing their magic
Kihou~and of Carrot trying to find a girlfriend, and getting beaten by Tira, or even the girls themselves ^_^
Panpear~later on in the story, two more people join the group as "temporary" members to help them on a difficult mission.
Kihou~cuz sometimes Carrot can't absorb some types of magic they are trying to stop
Panpear~One member is Chocolat, sister of Tira
Kihou~can't really see the resemblance...*shrugs*
Panpear~she loves Carrot, but is the only girl Carrot despises
Kihou~besides Tira's alter ego.
Panpear~and the other person is G...
Kihou~*thinks* G...hmm what is his name??
Panpear~You mean you don't know?!
Kihou~theres too many to remember!! All I remember is that hes hot!!
Panpear~*falls over anime style*
Kihou~Ah well, we'll just call him G-Guy. Hes big and blonde and very strong. (note~his name is Gateau)
Kihou~we don't exactly what these two people's powers are yet
Panpear~we know that Chocolat has the same traits as her sister Tira...
Kihou~Oh yea...with the spindle of thread...
Panpear~*has to buy 2nd and 3rd volume of Sorcerer Hunters*
Kihou~didja notice all their names are after food...
Panpear~yea, like Carrot, Chocolat
Kihou~Marron in french is Chestnut ^_^
Panpear~So overall, I give this anime/manga a 9 outta 10!
Kihou~I give it a 8, its funny, well drawn/animated, and has good music ^_^
Panpear~I agree plus it has a pretty good plot, considering its pretty standard, Carrot tries to find a girl, the group beats a sorcerer, blah blah blah. The manga is better than the anime in my opinion...its funnier ^_^
Kihou~Hai! Well this concludes the joint review. Hopefully there will be more in the future!! Til then, thank you Panpear for being a guest ^_^
Panpear~Thanks for having me ^_^
Kihou and Panpear~Baibai!!