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Ranma 1/2

Purpose of Title~Ranma changes into both a girl and a boy, therefore one half of him would be complete.

Rating~PG-13 for Violence, Nudity, and Mature/Sexual Situations

**NOTE** I'm workin on writing the review, so if you only see a brief description, its probably not all there is from me ^.^ Thanks for your patience ^*~>>Kihou<<~*^

Ranma 1/2 is a comedy about a guy who turns into a girl. His/her name being Ranma (thus the name ^.~). He and his father (who turns into a panda) go to the Tendo residence in search for a bride. The Tendos dont know that Ranma is a bit...different. Ranma had fallen into a cursed pool one day while training with his father. Now, everytime he gets hit with cold water, he transforms into a girl. Akane, the youngest of the Tendo sisters, was set up to be Ranma's bride, but since she hates men she doesn't want a fiancee. Ranma and Akane slowly develop a friendship after beating eachother many times ^.^** Kuno, an upperclassman at Akane's school fights Boy Ranma repeatedly over Akane, while chasing after the "pigtailed girl" (Girl Ranma). Ryoga is another common enemy, who has the worst sense of direction, and a secret similar to Ranma's. Shampoo shows up in Volume 3, who wants to marry Male Ranma, while at the same time has givin the kiss of death to Female Ranma.

This manga is great. Its one of my favorites, despite its 16.95 cover price (sets me back ^.^*). Its well drawn, but of course it is coming from Rumiko Takahashi. Takahashi-san seems to have 2 different styles of drawing her characters, an example of the other being Lum. I prefer this style more than the other, although they both are beautiful.

I've only seen one of the anime tapes, so I can't really judge it all the way. The art looks pretty much the same. The voices were so-so, I didn't really like Boy-Type Ranma's voice, but Girl-Type made up for it.

Hmm not really much else to say for now...I'm only up to volume 3 in the manga so bear with me til I get money for volume 4 ^.^

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