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Pet Shop Of Horrors

Purpose of Title~He owns a pet shop, and its horrific.

Rating~PG-13 for Violence, Brief Nudity, Swearing (homosexual slang and whatnot), Mature Situations

Pet Shop of Horrors is a bizzare little series about an "exotic" pet shop in Chinatown (New York I do believe). The pets are quite unique if you venture behind the red drapes, and you can find "special and rare" species of rabbits, snakes, and fish. It may sound simple, but taking care of one of these pets is a bit of a challenge. There are strict guidelines that you must follow, such as "you mustn't show anyone". Break these rules and suffer the concequences. These rarer pets are supposed to offer "love, hope, dreams, and happiness", but most of all second chances. Of course, people always find a way to blow their chances, and hidden within these 4 episodes are *gasp* morals! The first episode entitled "Daughter" deals with the sorrow of a couple who had lost their child to drugs. In the room to the left they find a "rabbit" who looks remarkibly like their departed daughter. Their contract~ 1.Dont let anyone see her 2. burn this special insence at all times and 3.(most importantly) dont give her anything to eat except water and vegetables, no matter how much she begs. Well, you can expect that when they emphasize one point that it will be the one they disobey. An important lesson, there are no "just once"'s. Another lesson, never feed rabbits cookies. Because we all know what they say about rabbits. The next episode was "Delicious", about a manager losing his wife (also his client) on the day of his wedding. Filled with saddness, the man ventures behind the curtains into a room with a large fish bowl. Inside is a "fish" which has the upper portion of a human...*cough*mermaid*cough*. It also just so happens that the mermaid looks exactly like Eva, his deceased spouse, and she has the ring to boot. He purchases her, and signs the contract~ 1. You must not show anyone must keep her in a tank filled with sea water, changed frequently 3. You must never ever ever let her go hungry (notice the EVER EVER!!). Totally obsessed with his new pet, the guy (dun remember his name ^.^*) stays with her 24-7. When his lover lady-with-headband comes over, he shuns her and returns to his love. When LWH goes to the cops (who have been trying to pin the pet shop for a string of deaths) she tells what really happened at the wedding. Important lessons~ mermaids are pocessive, and you should always feed them something before going into the pool. The third episode is about a hasbeen actor who is sick of people only recognizing him as his old character. To escape he collects rare and unusual snakes and lizards. Well a new shippment makes the pet shop when the Count finds that the actors wife leaves him. Its a special snake, that looks remarkably like a beautiful woman. He takes her, promising feed her fruit or small animals only, 2. not showing anyone (that one had to show up sometime ^.~) and 3.Not removing her blindfold. Her eyes are supposed to turn people into stone like Medusa. Hmm...perhaps he doesnt feed her? No...thats what happened to the last one...the showing part?? Naw, thats no fun. Perhaps the blindfold removing...Important lessons~dont look in the mirror if your eyes cast people to stone, and you're always more famous dead than alive. The last episode, "Dual" deals with an ancient holy creature the Kirin. The Kirin chooses its owner, and grants them a wish. After finding his grandfathers diary, a young politician wants to buy it from Count D. His campaign manager feels that he owes him because he had been givin a scolarship and such from the young guy. While the young guy (new name is Bob) is out convorting with one of his affairs, his wife seeks comfort with the manager (new name Fred). While visiting the pet store again, the Kirin finds its new owner. Now Bob and Fred must find who is the true owner, and only one will live to prosper from it. Important lessons~You cant find happiness in politics,and its better to have a family than be president. I personally though Dual was the best episode, because it had quite a clever twist. These episodes add an element of fear, along with tragedy. The cop Leon who keeps trying to find ways to shut down the shop adds a bit of comic relief. Though the last episode shows no sign of conclusion, theres no news of future episodes. I highly reccomend this if you like Vampire Hunter D, Vampire Princess Miyu, or even Biohunters. For those of you who are blood-freaks, don't expect a lot. Its a bit softer violence-wise, and contains brief nudity (even the original little mermaid didn't wear a top, so how do we expect this one to??). In the introduction there are hints of computer animation, but the rest regular. Overall, this is a great anime.