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Princess Mononoke

Purpose of Title~I don't really know why she's called the Princess Mononoke, but perhaps she's the princess of the forest. *shrug* interpret it as you will.

Rating~PG-13 for Violence and Mature Situations

Oh no! Yoshi and all his pals trampled the review...guess Kihou will have to clean up some time soon...

Shawn, my good friend, has writen another review (like the Akira page). Thanks a bunch Shawn!!

Princess Mononoke begins with a young man named Ashitaka encountering a hideous boar covered in writhing worms. The boar is on a rampage and threatens several members of his village including his younger sister. Ashitaka bravely battles the boar and successfully kills it, even though he is wounded in the process. The wound is no simple one, for the boar had become a demon and Ashitaka now bears its curse. He is forced to leave his village to look for a way to free himself from the curse and hopefully discover why the boar had become a demon. Ashitaka's journey eventually leads him to a fortress-like town named "Irontown". The people of Irontown, under the rule of Lady Eboshi, have been mining iron from within a nearby mountain. It is with this iron that they are able to manufacture early forms of rifles, crude by today's standards, but very devastating nonetheless. The mining, however, has resulted in the destruction of the forest which once covered the mountainside. The creatures of the forest are none to pleased with being driven from their homes, none more than Moro, a giant wolf god, and her adopted human daughter, San. San has been repeatedly attacking the humans of Irontown in an attempt to drive them away. Ashitaka, though, believes that the humans and animals can get along peacefully and this lands him squarely in the middle of the conflict. (I'll let you watch this movie to find the end!)
Throughout the course of the movie, Ashitaka meets a bewildering array of characters, all of which have Japanese names, and all of which were somehow important to the plot. These characters included the Princess (who, for some reason usually isn't called Mononoke during the film, but "San"), enormous white wolves (who raised Mononoke, other known as, San, from infancy), a town of iron-smithers run by Lady Eboshi, who hires women to work for her, various bandits, soldiers and outcasts, a tribe of boars, mute but cut and funny forest spirits, and a regal forest spirit.

Rating: 7/10