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The Mermaid Saga

Purpose of Title~Because it is a saga, there are different titles. However they all pertain to the Mermaid theme, with different titles for their respective stories.

Sorry for the picture, its neither Yuta or Mana, but it was my favorite one.

Rated R for~Violence, Nudity, and Mature Themes

Mermaid Saga contains Mermaid's Gaze, Mermaid's Forest, and Mermaid's Scar. Each contain stories of tragedy and love. Yuta and Mana are wanderers who have experienced mermaid's flesh, which can either cause immortality, death, or mutation. Most die or turn into monsters, but Yuta and Mana survived to live forever (kinda like the saying "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger). As Yuta and Mana travel, they run into people who use the flesh for greed and selfish uses. Most of the stories teach us about inner struggles and other morals. I liked these stories very much. Rumiko Takahashi does a wonderful job of telling the stories of these people in 3 manga volumes. Each section is like a mini story of its own. Rumiko adds her wonderful art with twisting story lines to deliever a great series.

There is also an animated episode which is the story of Yuta and Mana and a small boy, Masato, whose mother "force" feeds him the mermaid flesh. The poor boy's mother goes after him with a knife, and Yuta jumps in the way before he can harm him. Yuta and Mana protect Masato until they find out about him (trying not to give anything away). After the boy's mother tragically dies, he wants Mana to be his new mommy.
The animation is very good, dubbing nicely done and it was a very good movie, based after a very good series. I wish they would do the rest of the short stories, I'd love to see them animated, but you take what you get ^_^