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MiyukiChan in Wonderland

Purpose of Title~Suposed to be like Alice in Wonderland, except they replace Alice with Miyukichan (along with the story ^_^, the suffix -chan shows the age of the person {usually girls} so they call younger people {school aged} chan)

Rated R for~Nudity, Suggestive Themes, and Yuri

Alice in Wonderlandby Lewis Carroll, but with the erotic twist that only CLAMP could bring.
The anime only shows the first two sections of the manga, making them 30 minute episodes. Miyuki wakes up late one day, and as she runs to school, she gets passed by a Playboy bunny riding a skateboard. Of course, as you know from good ole Alice, she follows the bunny into a void. After falling for awhile, shes taken to Wonderland. All of our known favorites are there, such as the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat, only all of them are skantily clad females trying to seduce poor Miyuki. Just as she thinks shes out of Wonderland (and away from the crazy Queen of Hearts 0.0), the scenario starts again. The next episode is the rendation of Alice Through the Looking Glass, where Miyuki sucks herself into another Wonderland. Here, everything is upside down and crazy ^~^. Again, our beloved Looking Glass charaters are there, such as Humpty Dumpty. After wandering, Miyuki finds herself challenging...herself at a chess match. The loser strips (wait a sec, if both have to strip then whats the point in trying to win??). This is the coolest scene, cuz they have live chess pieces, who, when taken, get birch slapped to the ground and disappear. After a challenging game of chess, Miyuki's alternative self ends up losing, and as Miyuki jumps to stop her, she jumps herself back into her room. However, the story keeps going when the next time, she gets sucked in again (poor Miyukichan!!).

In the manga, the first two stories are the same as the anime, but there are also other short stories, featuring CLAMP stories like Magical Knight Rayearth and X/1999. Miyuki gets sucked into these other worlds, and basically the same story goes, she gets swamped/beaten/seduced by lovely ladies, and ends up having to repeat the story forever. In the end pages, there are color sketches of the anime series, which are quite pretty ^_^. If you like CLAMP stories, or if you're a yuri fan, then you should get the anime/manga. Its fun to guess which stories Miyuki gets sucked into (Rayearth and X/1999 are obvious, but there are a few others that I have no idea of!), and overall its an entertaining anime show. As for music, they use the same songs for background of the episodes which is catchy but nothing super, however the ending theme is really cute and addicting. ^_^