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Lily C.A.T

Purpose of Title~Lily is the name of the cat, which is really a computer or something (it has an acronym for CAT)

I apologize for the boring cover picture, but it was basically the only one I could find. Go figure :P

Rated R for~Violence, Language, Nudity, and Mature Situations

Lily Cat is basically an anime rip off of Aliens. Though I'm not complaining, it was pretty average. Better than some other movies I've seen. There is a crew of people from around the world who are sent off into space on a ship. After takeoff they find that one of their own is a convict, while another is an undercover policeman trying to find the criminal. Meanwhile, an alien organism is killing people off one by one (hmm...remind you of anything?). The cat part comes in when there is a pet cat on the ship, belonging to one of the crew (where have we seen this too?). The cat turns out to be a computer who seeks to destroy the ship (either the "Lily" or the "Cat" part stand for something, but you'll have to watch to find out). Of course the convict turns out to be the good guy, and ends up saving as many as he can (that's not giving away any is it?...).

Lily Cat was mildly entertaining. I wouldn't pay 5 dollars to see it in the theater, or 15 to buy it, but it was worth the 2 that it cost me to rent it. I recommend it for people who want to just watch some anime without getting into a series, or a deep story plot. Its pretty predictable (especially after watching Aliens, or any monster-wiping-out-crews-with hero saving people-movies for that matter). This movie is geared towards teenage guys (with the ships, monsters, hero, and girls with big hoohoos).