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Purpose of Title~Really don't know. The Japanese title is ki-something, so perhaps it has something to do with that.

Rated R for~Extreme Violence, Nudity, Swearing, and Mature Sexual Content (rape of a minor)

Kite starts off with a guy making out with a teen girl in the elevator. What comes up next is the basic story of the movie. Girl busts out a gun from her lunchbox and fires a couple exposive-shelled shoots into him. With a shower filling the elevator with blood, the girl jumps with a panty shot to her hidden layer. Soon we learn that Sawa (the cute as a button girl ready to shoot you dead) works for Akai, this cop-gone-bad. Another kid works for Akai, named Orubi (sounds like ovary in the dub ~_~...). Orubi tries to escape his job of killing people. Of course, Sawa falls for Orubi, with some twists and turns in the middle. We learn how Sawa joined Akai, and other things about her past (some of which are quite disturbing).

So who should watch this? Well I'd say theres quite a age limit...but I do believe, as far as gender goes, it could go both ways. "Girls" (I say this stereotypically) like it because of the cuteness (it can go from showing cute little kids and cute girls to blood splatter), and "guys" (again with the stereotypes of guys and girls. I personally don't mind the gore, but cuteness does factor in ^_^) would like it because of guns and boobs. This is definatly aimed towards teenage boys.

As for the dub (which was the only one I watched (and own), sorry), I thought the voice acting was alright, but kind of annoying at some parts. Perhaps different people would work a bit better. Especially when Sawa is screaming during fighting and such. The timing was kind of odd at some parts (Fat man shooting~I am a citizen (no pause whatsoever)die.). But overall pretty good.

I actually enjoyed this movie. Kite is one of the few anime movies I actually own (most I rent), which was thrown in with Battle Angel Alita for a few dollars off ebay. I now am very happy with my purchase. Its one of those things that makes you think about many issues. This movie actually got me thinking about mind control, like how Akai controls Sawa (like people asking how Hitler could control all those people without rebellion). It also got me thinking about organized crime (or crime in general), and how it can even involve children. Amongst these, there were countless other things to think about. Though only being 45 minutes, it was actually quite deep, and used great artistry to portray scenes. I recommend this movie, but do note that there is quite a lot of violence and sexual scenes (some implied and others not).