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This is my new fan art section ^_^ I'm doin the pictures alphabetically as they are in my file, so they may seem out of place for now. I'll go through and edit them a bit later ^_^

This is the first anime type drawing I did, way back in like 7th grade *flashback* Little Kihouchan sits doodling a little picture off of a Sailor Moon pin and colors it with assorted pens.

Just a picture of an angel ^_^*

One of my many personalities.

Just a doodle during English class (take that Fallen Angels!!)

Lil picture for my good friend Britt of her and Timmykun.

Lil pick of a person, just bored doodle I guess.

Another of Liz's personalities, as Chun Li ^_^

My obsession with Chun Li...

Oop. There's another ^_^

Clothesmaker Liz ^_^v Good in our crazy RPGs.

*shrug* a guy confused ^_^

Rather morbid picture I did in a rather morbid class (*cough*Physics*cough*)

Hehe, little picture of rather you should play video games or study.

Picture I'm working on. Full page, of a lady with dragon flies coming from her hair. I'll show you once I ink/color ^_^

Eatman Liz, from the great manga Eatman. For those who don't know, Eatman can eat metal products and make his hand into guns, other weapons, etc.

The famous group picture. ^_^ Not everyone's there, as always. But hey, its still fun.

Picture I did for a cd cover.

Kirby with a lil hammer from SSB

King of Fighters is one of the best games. Thank you. (left-right, top-bottom~~Mai, Xiangfei, Mary, Mary's puppy Anton, Bao)

Just a lady winking.

Mai again from KoF, all chibi style ^.~

Self portrait, my pencils suck.

*shrug* Random doodle, named her Miyukichan.

Liz as a monkey ^_^v (thanks to Zakky for letting me sit on his shoulder ^_^)

Everyone has a normal side, I guess...

Nurse Liz is a fluzzy, but everyone loves her. She's a little messed up sometimes, but super anyways ^_^

*from a distance* PICCOLO-SAMA, DAISUKI!!

Psycho Liz is the bad side. She kills people usually, with her katana and jagged blade of glass.

Picture of a person walking in the rain.

My RPG character for Ballz of Fire. Her names Megumi ^_^

One of my characters for a story.

There she is again, this time in color and from the back.

And again...


And the last ^_^

Lizchan turns into a wolf. Usually its evil, but I can't draw an evil puppy ^_^

She's Toppless Chick Witha Hammer. Originally gonna be Aeris til I messed up. Ah well, enjoy.

*shrug* picture.

And that's about it for now...more later ^_^