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Card Captor Sakura/Card Captors

Purpose of Title~Sakura (the main character) goes around and collects (or Captures if you will) magical cards made by the

Rating~PG for Mature Situations

Card Captor Sakura (sub)~Card Captors (dub)

Card Captor Sakura is a very loved manga and anime by Clamp. The edited version, Cardcaptors, shown on Kid’s WB on Saturdays, is getting some bad reviews. Some people are saying that its too edited and they butcher the lines from translation. Now, I can’t say I agree or disagree with this statement, because I have never seen the episodes (I did see the subtitled First Movie) in Japanese. Now that the episodes are coming out on VHS and DVD (YES!!), I can finally see what’s wrong with the dubbed version. So, for right now, I’m going to base my comparisons off the movie (if you people have complaints, I’m sorry I’m a deprived person and have never seen the Japanese subs) and the edited versions that are shown on TV (also my knowledge of the manga version). Alright, first off, Sakura is just a regular “bubbly”girl in forth grade. Her friend is Tomoyo (Madison in edited), a techno freak (I mean that in a good way ^_~) whose mom is super rich. One day, she’s in her dad’s library, when she finds a book called The Clow. She opens it, and out pops Kero (Keroberos, Kero-Chan, Cerberos) the protector of the cards. He hands her the Clow Key, and she becomes a Card Captor (basically). After that, she tells Tomoyo, and she captures cards, and “Madison” tapes her. Sakura has a huge crush on Sakura’s brother Toya (Touya, Tori)’s best friend Yuki (Yukito, Julian). After a few episodes, Li is introduced. He comes to Sakura’s school from Hong Kong. He harasses her for the Clow Cards, but Toya steps in, and defends her. Then basically they all have to find Clow Cards. Some more unimportant people are introduced in further episodes (oh yeah, whats-her-face, *thinks for a second* Melin comes in, she pretty important). Overall, I feel that the Cardcaptors on WB is pretty good. Even though I know that they are changing some of the phrases, they do that a lot for the American shows on tv. If you’re an anime purist, then go for the subtitled edition, but if your open-minded and don’t mind the occasional edit of some scenes/lines, then go for the one on WB.

^*~_:.>UPDATE!!<.:_~*^ The sub Card Captor Sakuras have arrived!! Now I can compare the 2 (heehee *grins evilly*). Now I see what people mean when they say that they butchered the lines and scenes!!

    *Things that ticked me off (dub version)*
  1. Kero’s voice!!!!(guess New York is our equivalent of Osaka in accents!!) Its too....manly!! In the Japanese, he has this cute little voice (like him), but in the dub they changed it!!
  2. They skipped the first few episodes!!!!Its pretty sad, that when I go to the mall to get a video, there is the subtitled ones, and the dubbed ones. Put one right next to the other, turn them around and look at what episodes each of the first Volumes have. Its not until the 3rd volume of the sub that the 1st episode of the dub is on the back. I suppose KidsWb thought it would be better to hurry and add the male Card Captor and worry about the conflicts of the show later. Well it doesn’t work like that my friends at Wb!! Its hard to follow the story when Sakura has cards we’ve never seen (or for little/newbie viewers, heard of). One episode, Sakura has a bunch, then in the next “all new” episode, she only has like 2 (the “new” episodes are the ones they are coming back to, jumping around chronologically like a rabbit).
  3. They changed some peoples names, but not all!!!! They made Tomoyo Madison, and Toya Tori, and Yuki Julian, but they left Sakura, Li and Melin!! That makes me really mad. Like little kids can’t pronounce Japanese names like Toya or Tomoyo!! If you’re going to screw up their names, at least do the other peoples too!! (example Sailor Moon Usagi~Serena, Rei~Raye, etc).
  4. They made a super stupid theme song!!!! The least the could do was dub the tune of Catch You Catch Me!! Sailor Moon did that!! I don’t care if they need an english song, but do it to a good beat!! (They could go the Outlaw Star/Blue Sub 6 way and use the Japanese song).
  5. They made it “Cardcaptors”!!!! Its named Card Captor SAKURA for a reason ya’know!! This one goes with the skipping episodes thing. We can’t have a FEMALE be the main star now can we?! There’s Superman, Batman, etc. and they don’t make it Super People, or just Super!! I’m not trying to be all womens-rights like about it, but I think its just stupid!! KIDS WB WA BAKA DESU!!
  6. They didn’t add Kero’s note at the end!!!! In the sub there are little notes about what happened in the episode, and a brief view of an outfit or something that a person wore in the episode. It’s a lot better than the review of a card that she didn’t even capture that day (guess that’s what WB is doing for the missing episodes, add them at the end of the later ones...). Kero is so much cuter than the scary announcer guy telling stuff about cards.

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