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Blue Seed

Purpose of Title~the Blue Seeds are the mitamas found in Kusanagi and Momiji, which are powerful and what have you.

Rating~PG-13 for Violence, Swearing, and Mature Situations

Blue Seed is a Sci-fi tale about Momiji. As far as she knows, she’s just a regular high school student, until on her way to school, a strange man tells her he has to kill her (my favorite line “I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to kill you”) and calls her the “Kushinada” She’s saved by police looking people, but pays no attention because she’s late for school (a near-death experience, and she’s worried about being late). At school she asks her friend about the Kushinada. As they are looking it up in the library, a large plant creature attacks her school, saying Kushinada over and over. Momiji tries to run from it (and somehow she’s stripped of her skirt...)and the strange man comes and threatens to kill her again (then precedes to make fun of her animal panties). He and the plant creature fight over who gets to kill her (sounds like Vegeta and an enemy fighting over who gets to kill Kakarutto ^_^). Momiji gets caught by the plant, and is sent into a ceramic field (don’t ask me what that is). The plant man tries the save her, and she breaks free. The creature is about to sent one of its tentacles into Kusanagi (hey, I can’t keep calling him plant man), and Momiji steps in front of the attack. A blue aura is produced and a mysterious blue mitama (“seed”) appears on her chest. Meanwhile, a group called the TAC blows up the plant creature. Kusanagi can’t bring himself to kill her, so he leaves after the TAC blows up the creature. The rest of the volumes 1-7 are about how they kill the Aragami (yoma {demon}) that is trying to kill the Kushinada. Momiji develops the power to sense the creatures, which she uses to help the TAC. Kusanagi decides not to kill her and be her protector (thus his last name, Mamaru, which means “protector”). In volume 8, Momiji’s twin sister, Katie comes back (they all thought she had died in the 1st volume) but is on the side of the Aragami. She’s raising the God Susanna-Oh, who is going to control the world. After that, we find that Kusanagi had feelings for Katie while he was protecting her. Momiji tries to talk him out of loving her, because she’s now on the Aragami side. Kusanagi falls in love with Momiji in one of those volumes, after she tries to tell him she loves him (she has some quite interesting ways of telling him ^_~).

Opening Theme

Omake Song