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Battle Angel Alita

Purpose of Title~Vector states at one point that Gally (Alita?) is a new competetor, also known as Battle Angel.

Voice Cast
Gally~Amanda Winn

Battle Angel Alita starts off with a crazy scientist named Ito in a futuristic city below this heavenly city in the sky, Zalem. He finds Gally's body in a scrap metal dump, and decides to finish off her body. After making her, he treats her as a daughter. Gally meets a mechanic boy named Yugo, and falls in love with him. Yugo has amibitions to go to this other world in the sky, like his brother had tried to but failed. To get money, he steals spines of robots. Meanwhile Ito is trying to get parts for his creations, and he gets in trouble when he crosses one of his former "partners" (or perhaps more ^.~ ^.~) Chiren. Her boss Vector is trying to get rid of the bounty hunters, and is setting her pay and promising she'll make it to the sky world . To protect Ito and Yugo, Gally turns into a killing machine (literally). I can't really get into more, cuz otherwise it would ruin the ending.

This is a good movie. Not the best I've seen, but good compared to others *cough*Fatal Fury*cough* (dun worry a review will be comin soon enough ^.~). The art is good, and I especially liked the little portfolio shots at the end (don't rewind just yet!). The music was good (Christina's still laughin about the "insignificant girl" song heehee *whispers are heard* oh yeah I wasnt supposed to spill that Christina's an underground anime fan ^.^*). The movie is an overall 3 1/2 outta 5, and I look forward to sampling the manga and adding to this review when I see it again ^.^

Ending Theme Song


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