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Purpose of Title~Akira is a mystical being that causes doom

Rating~R for Violence, Swearing, Brief Nudity and Adult Situations

This review was sent in from my good friend Shawn (thanks!!). I'll prolly be writing my own review when I figure this movie out better (it truely is bizzare). Thanks!

The movie is set in Tokyo in 2019 after World War III (now called "Neo-Tokyo"), the site of the 2020 Olympics. A motorcycle gang lead by a boy named Kaneda race through the city causing trouble. One night, while out running, Tetsuo, one of Kaneda's buddies, crashes into an odd boy named Takashi and finds himself affected by the boy's paranormal powers. Tetsuo is soon found by the government, who put him in a military hospital to study the effects of the accident. A power hungry colonel and a doctor discover that Tetsuo has his own power and start performing experiments designed to trigger a reaction from fifteen year old Tetsuo. Kaneda, meanwhile, meets up with Kay, a member of the resistance fighters, during an anarchist riot. He travels with her to try and rescue Tetsuo from the government. Tetsuo by this time has acquired almost unlimited power and begins to lose his self-control. This power is discovered to be a manifestation of the Akira force (hence the title), a evolutionary experiment that inadvertently caused World War III. Kay, Kaneda, the Colonel and Tetsuo battle it out in the Olympic stadium to decide the fate of Neo-Tokyo. In the end Tetsuo's power seems to be too much for him. He begins to mutate, the original Akira (Found in the containers with the human parts, brain ect.) comes together again and a large explosion occurs. Possibly the new beginning of the world? You decide......
Done originally in Japanese and dubbed over in English, the movie suffers nothing from the translation and the music remains intact. Over all the movie was great, all who haven't seen it should. But beware of some of the content, mainly language and blood. Some parts of the movie are a little confusing, watching it for the first time, and others fall together very nicely.

Rating: 8/10

~~A few comments from Kihouchan~~

There's a new DVD out that has a 2 disk special, the movie dubbed or subbed and added features including graffiti translations (neato!). I've also heard rumors of a return to theaters, though I dunno if its for real (anyone on the scene with that?). The have issued a new dub version, though I dunno whom this includes for voice acting. I'm sorry I'm not that informed 'bout Akira ^_^**. There are also 5 volumes (more coming I'm sure) which are about 25$ (retail). The art is very nice, especially the city and vehicles and what not. It also goes into backgrounds and such in more detail (stuff they couldn't cover in a 1 hr 30 min movie), which may be a plus for some. If you wish to read the manga, you may want to search around for a better bargain, 25$ may be a bit pricy for each one.