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Adventures of Kotetsu

Purpose of Title~Linn (leading woman) is called Kotetsu, and the episodes are about her adventures ^_^

Rated R for~Nudity, Sexual Situations, and Swearing

The Adventures of Kotetsu starts out with a sexy, short skirted, big chested woman and a spy getting a panty shot as she walks by. What comes next is a complex fight scene involving Miho (lady) and a girl (Linn) wielding a legendary sword (panty shots continue as Miho uses high kicks and such). Linn stays with Miho and explains the story of the sword, and how she's looking for her brother. The spy fellow (Tatsuya) continues to follow them, and sends an evil lady (Kagari) to kill them all and retrieve the sword. After a bath scene, where Kagari comes in (disguised as Miho) on Linn and tries to seduce her. Linn realizes Kagari is bad and they fight, breaking out even into the parking lot and such (Linn grabs a towel, while the Kagari remains naked). After the defeat of the Kagari, Tatsuya finds out that he likes Linn and turns good (after a nose bleed or two). The second episode has them (Miho and Linn) going to a hot spring somewhere in the countryside. After "running into" Tatsuya (nose bleed nose bleed), Linn finds that she's attracted to him to. After that they discuss about it (clothed, thank you). After that, there is no more. The series "ends" with them confessing their love.

I was quite confused by this, and after looking for the remaining volumes, I found there are none. Please don't be misleaded by my opening sentance, this seemed like quite a cute series (the nudity was quite abundant, but atleast it was comedic unlike Wicked City). I was quite looking forward to watching the rest of the series, after building up such a plot line (winning over Tatsuya from the organization of badguys and such, then presenting a new villian). This "series" is like those movies that build up so they can make a sequal, but do bad in the boxoffice, therefore smashing all hopes for another. I was really disappointed when I found there are no more, and I'm not sure whether this is because no one bought it, or they discontinued it. Perhaps in the future there will be more news about it. Hopefully ^_^