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~~Kawaii Anime Manga Page~~

Hi all~~ this site is dedicated to Anime and Manga . Don't know what anime is?? Confused with the words I'm using?? Go to the new Terms Page!!. Right now there isn't much, cuz I'm working on it ^_^ The only ones that actually have something are the Blue Seed, CCS, Fushigi Yugi, Grave of the Fireflies, a bit of Ranma 1/2, Vampire Princess Miyu, and the music page, but you can check out the pictures on the others if you really want. Also working on the image gallery (Panpear's Site). E-mail me if you see any mistakes, or to name me some animes to watch (not too many now, I do have school!). I'm also open to posting any reviews people send me, so if you have a review (or you agree/disagree with mine and you want to say something about it), but you don't want to make your own site, e-mail me with you name, (doesn't have to be real ^.~), the anime (duh) and the review and I'll give you credit ^.^ Please link to me if you take any pics ^.^ Keep checking in cuz I'll have reviews of more anime and manga series soon ^.^.


****UPDATE!!**** Even though its nearing the end of summer, I'm workin on eliminating some of these "Review comming soon!" ones. Sure its easy for people to say "Why havn't you been working on them the rest of the summer?? Why wait til the end??" Well Kihou has been busy with her Aquatic Biology class, and the 40+page paper that came with it, so shes just a bit sick of writing (of course shes back at it for the sake of anime!). So, I've added to Ranma, and Alita, and more are comin (gonna go through and re-rent and watch these ones I'm shady about ^.^). So all the ones that have "*!*" are ones that actually have a review. Still check out the others, cuz they might have some useful links ^.^. Thanks for your patience all and have a great rest of the summer!! AIM S/N=KihouNoMizu

****COMING SOON!****guest appearances with my good friend Panpear in reviews (a.k.a 2 people review/debate!!), and an Anime Convention Page (yea I know its like 6 months late, but still!!) once I get my film developed ^.^** so "look forward to it!" (heehee Rurouni Kenshin, which will also be coming soon!)

UPDATE!~ Well its time to get crackin again! I'm workin on revamping the whole site to make it a little bit snazzier. I'm working on making new links and such for everything. I know I havn't been working much on reviews ^_^* gomen for that. Please feel free to send in any! That would help me out tons. I've also got some new manga to review once I get the chance (Kazaa, Tomie, Angelic Layer, Chobits and lots more!). Thanks for the patience, and I hope you like the new looks of the site once I work on that ^_^v

PLEASE NOTE!!I am very sorry if I give away anything about any of the series/movies in this site. I try hard to give you the synopsis without telling you major things. I apologize if you feel that anything on the site is giving something away, and feel free to e-mail me so I can change it for others! Thank you!!

(The) Adventures of Kotetsu *!*

Akira *!*

Battle Angel Alita *!*

Battle Athletes (Victory) *!*

Blue Seed *!*

CardCaptor Sakura *!*

Cowboy Bebop

Fushigi Yugi~The Mysterious Play *!*

Ghost in the Shell

Grave of the Fireflies *!*

Kite *!*

Lily C.A.T *!*

Mermaid Saga *!*

Miyukichan In Wonderland *!*

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Ninja Scroll

Pet Shop of Horrors *!*

Plastic Little *!*

Princess Mononoke *!*

Ranma 1/2 *!*

Sarai *!*

Sorcerer Hunters *!*

Toonami Special *!*

Wicked City *!*

Wind Called Amnesia *!*

Vampire Princess Miyu *!*

Anime Con Pictures *!*

Banners *!*

Character of the Month *!*

Fanart *!*

Fun Stuff *!*

Terms Page *!*

Im Me ^_^

Check out Panpears Pics for a gallery of the series on here.

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