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Kasumi no Daidokoro
Kasumi's Kitchen

Konnichi wa minna-san!
(Hello everyone!)

Irasshaimase! Welcome to my modest little Japanese kitchen here on the World Wide Wok! ^_^ I am your humble hostess and servant, Tendou Kasumi, but you may call me Onee-Chan if you like... Most people do tend to think of me as their "big sister" for some odd reason! ^_^ I am most honoured to have you visit me here at the Tendo Dojo. Please stay for awhile and have some ocha (tea), won't you? I also have some mochi (sweet rice cakes) if you like. Please remember to leave your shoes at the door and to use the doilies! Thank you so much!

I hope you will please be so kind as to be patient with me as I attempt to learn HTML script and such things... This is all so new to me, so please forgive me if I experiment a bit. I am a cook, not a computer person! ^_^ But perhaps that will help me to create a totally different type of Site, ne? ^_^ I hope to make this a good Site... one that you will hopefully like to return to because you will know that you are always welcome here! I hope to make up for my limited knowledge of computers with my enthusiasm! ^_^ Nabiki Imouto-Chan knows so much more about computers than I ever will, but I would welcome any ideas or suggestions you may have as to how I may improve this Site! I already have several ideas of my own in mind, but Nabiki-Chan is not here at the moment to show me how to do things.

Where is she? Well... At the moment, Nabiki-Chan is away on a business trip to China. She believes that she can make a lot of money selling imported Jusenkyou water to the many long-suffering transsexuals in the Shinjuku Ni-Chome part of Tokyo and elsewhere. It would be so nice if she could make an arrangement with the Jusenkyou Preservation Society, the Joketsuzoku (Amazon) village, Herb-San or anyone else who may lay claim to the magical springs of Jusenkyou! The government of China still refuses to acknowledge magic of any kind, so she only has to contract with the local people there. Why? The government of Japan still has not yet legalized the surgery for changing sex, so any Japanese transsexuals who desire the surgery have to leave the country to have it done... Usually to Bangkok, Thailand or to the United States, if they can afford it! Goodness! Trying to talk to the Japanese government is like trying to teach a cat to sing... It makes one look very foolish and truly annoys the cat, ne? ^_^ I think Ukyou-Sama may ask for some Jusenkyou water for dear Konatsu-San, as she never was able to pay poor Natsu-Chan very much money. After knowing all the pain and suffering that poor Ran-Chan went through, I can certainly empathise with Natsu-Chan's discomfort, as she is male. Of course, I always knew that Natsu-Chan was a girl because she always wore a flower in her hair! How cute!

The others? Goodness, there is so much to tell! Ranma and Akane-Chan are away at college right now, as are most of their friends from Fuurinkan Koukou, but they will both be graduating in a few months and then they will be returning home. They call every weekend to let me know how they are doing, but unfortunately, they do not always have the time to write as much as they would like to. It was very hard on them at first, as the University there had never had two sex-changing martial artists as students before. Oh, my... Did I forget to mention that Akane-Chan also changes sex now? Oh, yes... It was so hard on her at first, but since we Japanese believe that our husbands and our wives are predestined for us before we are born, it somehow seemed only natural! The whole family agreed with me that Ranma and Akane-Chan were always meant to be together! I know this will sound very funny, but when the accident happened to poor Akane-Chan with the Jusenkyou water, we were all very, very relieved, for you see, the real curse would have been for Akane-Chan to lose Ranma forever. Yes, Ranma still gets into fights, I am sorry to say, but it really is not her fault! Yes, Akane-Chan still calls her "baka"! ^_^ But these days, it is more in jest than anything else. No, Akane-Chan still can not cook worth a darn, even in her male form! Thank goodness Ranma is such a good cook, or else they would starve! ^_^ No, they still have not gotten married yet. Soon, I hope. Maybe there will be two ceremonies... One with Ranma and Akane-Chan as the groom and bride, and another with Akane as the groom and Ranma-Chan as the bride! That would certainly be fun! ^_^ I know I shall have to get an extra box of tissues then...

Genma Oji-Sama and Nodoka Oba-Sama finally returned to their own home, now that it has been rebuilt after "The Great Fiancee War," as we called it. But Otou-San missed Genma Oji-Sama and their endless games of shougi so much that he has left to visit them for a while! He really has not been the same since they left. I miss Nodoka Oba-Sama very much! We girls lost our own Okaa-San, Tendou Kimiko, when we were very young, you know... She died in childbirth along with our baby brother, who would have been the heir to the Musabetsu Kakutou Tendou Ryuu (The Tendou School of Anything-Goes Martial Arts) if he had lived... I like to think that Akane-Chan's male form looks just like he would have looked if he had lived. Kami-Sama does things in such strange ways sometimes... He took our Okaa-San and our Otouto-San back home to Heaven, and in their place, gave us Ranma and his Okaa-San! In that way, I often think of Nodoka-Sama as being our "adopted" Okaa-San, too! Oh, I have to tell you, I am so glad that whole seppuku thing was settled without anyone getting hurt!

You may think this very silly of me, but as much as I may love Ranma-Kun as my future Giri no Kyoudai (Brother-in-Law), I love her even more! I like to think of Ran-Chan as just another one of my little sisters, because like us, she was also deprived of her Okaa-San just as we were, so she grew up without the love and guidance she needed. Oh, yes... I know that she was originally a boy... but it does not change the fact that Ranma-Kun did not have anything resembling a normal boyhood, either! No real childhood at all, just like us. In case you have forgotten, I became the housemaid, Nabiki-Chan became our financial manager and Akane-Chan became the warrior of our family to carry on the Tendou Tradition. But poor Ran-Chan had to pretend to be someone else entirely whenever Nodoka-Sama came here! She had to lie to her own Okaa-San about who she was just to be close to her! I can think of few things more tragic than that... To regain her Okaa-San after so many years and then... to lose her again! I could tell in her voice just how much it hurt her, and him! But when it was all finally revealed to Nodoka Oba-San, I am so happy to say that she came to love both her son and her daughter! She did have some rather harsh words for Genma Oji-Sama, though... things I could never repeat here, but at least no one lost their heads! ^_^

Happousai Ojijii-San desu ka? Oh, dear... I am so sorry to tell you that he passed away a few weeks ago now. It somehow seemed very appropriate that his funeral was on Sangatsu Mikka, (March 3rd), which is Girls' Day here in Japan. It was a very nice ceremony, and he was buried as he had lived... in a pile of women's underwear. His remains were taken back to China by Koroun Hisobo-San so that he could be buried near her home in the Joketsuzoku village. They were lovers in their younger days, you know... Yes, Shanpuu-San and Muusu-San went back to China with her, but I am sure they will turn up again one of these days. Oh, what killed Happousai Ojiijii-San? Oh, my... It seems that during his very last panty-raid, he happened to steal all of Kurenai Tsubasa-Chan's panties. Please remember that Tsubasa-Chan is really a boy who only dresses like a girl! He is not like our Ran-Chan at all, but he does make such a cute-looking girl, doesn't he? ^_^ I guess it's just like that old Western saying, "Boys will be girls," or something like that! ^_^ Anyway, when Ojijii-San opened his pathways to absorb what he thought was female chi from Tsubasa-Chan's panties, he then overloaded on male chi instead and apparently had a heart attack and died in his huge pile of stolen bras and panties! I know it is not very polite to say this, but it is so nice to know where all the laundry in the house is for once!

And now... The old omoya seems so empty to me now. It was once so full of laughter... and yelling... and fights... and too many tears. I miss my family. I miss Otou-San... I miss my little sisters... All my little sisters. For now, at least, there are no more breakfasts where the whole family can be together again... No more games of shougi... No more "Black Sundays" when Akane-Chan does the cooking... No more fights to clean up after. No more Pi-Chan being chased through the house... No more being awakened in the middle of the night by giant ghost cats or whomever is looking to challenge Ranma-Kun to a fight this week... At least Ukyou-Sama comes to visit me every so often and we get to trade cooking tips and information with each other then. Ever since Ucchan's Okonomiyaki-Ya went on-line a while back, she was the one who kept encouraging me to begin this endeavour, and that is why you are reading these words now! But at least with everyone gone, I have the time to do this, since there is no one left for me to take care of for a change!

The main purpose of this Site is to inform all our family and friends about the latest news and information here at the Tendou Dojo, but it also gives me the chance to share our stories, our old family recipes, our family photo album and all our other personal things with you, our honoured guest. After all, what are friends for if we cannot share our little secret treasures with each other, ne? ^_^ Yes, you are welcome to make copies of whatever you like here as long as nothing is sold, all right? You ought to know by this time that Nabiki Imouto-Chan has control over all those kinds of things, ne??? ^_^ She might take it unkindly if she thought that someone was, not paying their full share to her... And she got Kuno-Kun, Ryouga-Kun or one of the others to act as her... what do they call them? Enforcers? Well, please do enjoy your stay and let me know if you need anything... A fresh cup of tea... A clean towel... Someone to fluff your pillow for you... Or, if you just need a hug, I will be here if you should need me.

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Maido arigatou gozaimasu!

Thank you so very much for visiting me here at the Tendou Dojo. Please come back and visit with me again sometime! This Site became operational on Yongatsu Yokka (April Forth) 2001, just in time for the first Cherry Blossom Festival of the new millenium! How cute!

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