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JeSs* Tasuki Village

Aloha, fellow Fushigi Yuugi/Tasuki-shippers! If all three of those words are foreign to you, then, I hope you understand it a bit more by the end of this page!!

Fushigi Yuugi is a great Jap-animation show, featuring the story of two modern girls who's only worries are boys, clothes, and getting into a choice high school. But, soon, they're drawn into an unfamiliar world, the *Universe of the Four Gods* via one fantastic book!

Tasuki is a seishi, aka a gaurdian of a miko... okay, check out the link to "Open to Infinity..." - The Story of Fushigi Yuugi to learn these terms!! He's also my favorite! Even if you don't get the show, the boy is a hunk!

Tasuki Stats:
Name: Tasuki (it means "mountain fire")
Real Name: Kau Shun'u
Nicknames: Genrou (means "phantasm wolf") and "Fang-Boy" though... he hates it!
Family: Two parents and five older sisters ~> Aidou, Mai, Li'An, Jiang, and Pa'Liu
Symbol: The yoku ("wings") on his right wrist
Power: His iron fan, the tessen that yeilds fire upon the incantation "Lekka Shinen" plus he's an equal in hand-to-hand fighting to Tamahome! Yay Tasuki! Also, he has power over these paper talismans that turn into anything he writes on them, often, wolves.
Birthdate: April 18
Age: 17
Blood Type: B
Height: 178 cm... that's like, 6 feet.
Best Pal: Kouji, his pal from his old bandit days! Also, though he wouldn't admit it, Tamahome. They have a sibling-rivalry relationship...
So Cute Qualities: Well, since Tasuki is an Aries (which is Prrrfect for a Pisces, like me!!) he's naturally given to hiding his feelings and being the tough guy... but, he's protective to a fault and his tears come along easily when he loses someone he loves.
Birthplace: Taito, Kou in Konan Country

Prior to joining the seishi (he's number five of seven, collect them all!) he led a group called the Mt. Leikaku Bandits... and you can only guess what they did... when he joined Miaka (the Suzaku no Miko) Tamahome, Chichiri, Nuriko, and Hotohori (other seishis), he left his bandits in the care of Kouji. Another one of his claims to fame is that he hates girls (yeah, right, Tasuki!)

Well, I hope you enjoy him as much as I do!

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