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Updated: October 17, 2001

  Cotton Candy Snowballed Vessels
Um... You want to see my characters? What ever for?!?! Well, um... I have some links to their shrines... Shana's is the only one whose is completed... I guess because I love my wittle Shana!

The Pig

This is Shana! She is Sailor Verres (PIG!) in the Golden Kingdom RPG. She's one of the leaders, but far from the main character (much to the relief of myself :) ). I love Shana because she is very much like myself (besides the fact we have very different colorings :) ), a very shy and creative individual who likes to eat a lot of food ^.^

I'm going to post Shana fanfics here too :) Granted, they're just the trio of writing samples I wrote for GK admittance (because of Kassandra :P she always makes me do twice as much work)

To see her profile click on her picture! Warning~ The profile is framed!

This is a great Shana pic by the marvelous EP! Chibi-styled!

The Twins

I also play the twins Hinoiri and Hinode in the Tranquil Moon RPG. At the moment I haven't worked on a shrine for either one of them, so hold your breath... it might be up soon! I don't have much work for either one of them.... 

To explain my characters, Hinoiri is the good twin, and Hinode is the bad twin. Well, in this case Hinode is the brainwashed twin who has blue hair and yellow eyes, but still, they are twins :) I'll post the link at a later date when I actually 

The picture to the right is a picture of Hinode (I'm sorry it's so bad, I drew it in a hurry on my way to the airport three months ago, the last time I had a scanner *sniffles*)


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