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Updated: December 29, 2001

  Cotton Candy Snowballed Ruukie

Wow! A pic! WOW!


My quote: The crowning achievement of my life... is THIS?
  The usual nonsense and stats

Name: Loran
Internet aliases: Iruka, Ruukie (only occasionally Nekura)
Middle Fame: Two Middle Names >.<
Age: 18, 19 in April (o.0)
Location: A vibrant and colorful campus in California
Description: Slightly overweight, currently dyed brown hair (normally blonde), pale inquisitive blue eyes, naturally fair skin.
Online since: September 2000 (sadly, yes)
Website creating since: February 15, 2001
Web sites she runs: IFH, Tranquil Moon RPG
Web sites she co-runs: Golden Kingdom RPG, Enterprise Zealots! 
Web usage: Depending on college load, between 7-15 hours a week
Sign: Taurus (yes, a car is named for me! Bow down!)
Sign x2: Boar (hehehe... stubborn, pigheaded, & hungry: that's me!)
Favorite lalalala
Uses_to much: "hehehe" "*blinks*" "0.o" ">.<" "*runs into tree*"
Hobbies: Updating web sites, watching TV, reading, dancing BADLY, throwing out insane jokes, burning candles (^.^) RPing, creative poetry.
Dream: to actually publish her novel she's working SLOWLY on.

  The Unchangeable

Gender: female
Title: #1 klutz and ditzy blonde
Religious affiliation: Baptist
High School Graduating GPA: 4.0
First Love: Elmo
First word: Pe-si (seriously, it was Pepsi, second was cho-la or chocolate)
First Concert: Disney Musical in fourth grade
First non sissy concert: Summer Sanitarium 2000 
First web page: Your looking at it buster :)
First RPG: Tranquil Moon
First baseball hero: Big Daddy (San Fran Giants)


Fav movie: Cinderella (cartoon), The Mummy Movies/Platoon
Loathed movie: The list is quite long :) Lion King 2 and Titanic for short
Fav show: current: Friends, Will & Grace, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Enterprise past: Step by Step, Grosse Pointe, Sailor Moon, The Pretender, Popular, Teen Angel
Loathed show: any talk show featuring a lie detector test, Profiler, Barney and Friends *shuddering here*, 
Favorite web site: I'm biased... all of mine!!
Loathed web site: Haven't found one I hate yet...
Favorite Sesame Street Character: Elmo!
Favorite Pooh Character: Pooh!
Favorite Band or artist: One?! You want ONE?!
Loathed Band or artist: Eminem, Backstreet Boys (I only liked 1 song) and Britney Spears (personal here... I hate to criticize but I never enjoyed her voice)
Favorite Song: ONE?! who do you think you're talking to??
Loathed Song: Um... I'll get back to you on this one 
Favorite Book: I don't have one
Loathed Book: Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces >.< I HATE IT SOO MUCH!!!!!!
Favorite color: This color blue on white. Marvelous!
Loathed color: Bright Green
Favorite Sports Team: Um... San Fran Giants and NY Yankees b-ball, Kansas City Chiefs f-ball. 
Loathed Sports Team: Oakland Traitors (er... raiders, lol) and Dodgers!
Favorite Concert: Depeche Mode's Exciter (wasn't that the name of it?) or Summer Sanitarium (two fav bands there- Powerman and `Tallica)

  Current Affairs

Is listening to: Staind, Nickleback, Muddle of Mudd
Is eating: Mother's cookies chocolate marble cremes (^.^), Pepsi, DC food
Biggest gripe on TV: Enough with the reality tv! Give me more sci fi!
Most hilarious show: (w/o intending to be) Providence. GWAD that show is so pathetic! Next is ED! Maw-hahahahaha! 
Most visited sites: (not mine) yahoo (mail), (discussion board), (I'm obsessed), hotmail (mail ~I have three e-mail names ^.^), and various trek sites for
Enterprise Zealots!
Sites she wishes would hurry up and update: Serenitis! Enough is enough!
Class she falls asleep in the most: Humanities 1A lecture
Class she shouldn't fall asleep in: Humanities 1A lecture
Is reading: Tad William's Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn series again :)
Can't wait until: Thanksgiving!!!! FOOD!

I'll update this later when I have my scanner and can put funny pictures up for ya'll to see and giggle at :)



Copyright Loran O'Connor 2001