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October 17, 2001

  The Pride and Glory
As you can see, I drastically changed the fanfiction index and weeded out some of the stories. I now realize that I haven't written any fanfiction! Ah! I thought I had! Well, I'm going to rectify this situation! I promise! Although I'm working on my first novel (Yes!!!), my first year of college, and coping with dorm life (that's a BIG difference) I think this will help me! And look about for more Minako stories! I swear they are coming! Maybe even a short story! And I mean a really short story! Ok, I'll leave you guys alone.
But, new stories! Separated Worlds has been updated, but please, check everything out! *giggles*

The Fanfics!

Single Stories
Secrets and Betrayals
The most current of the "new material", a dark story I tried to use North American names in and actually resolved on a happy ending! Amazing! I love this fan fic... *sniffles* I wuv it so... plus, it's in an alternate future :)
A fairly older story that gave me the idea for the Cycles of Messiah's storyline that will never be continued ( I'm incorrigible, aren't I?). I'm not particularly proud of this fanfic, but I figured I'd put it up for everyone to compare how far my writing has come in, what, 6-7 months? Amazing... What I do like about this story: *blinks* It wasn't terrible and it actually have a storyline to it. Plus, I did the whole thin in all caps :) 
Turn the Page
Hehehe.... this Minako story has been changed drastically. *gasp* It never made it onto the page! Well... when I'm finished with it you'll be able to check it out. Hopefully... It will be soon :) 
Series Efforts
Oracle Of Dreams
As I have abandoned the Cycles of Messiah storyline, now there is only two Series efforts! Here is Oracle of Dreams, my eternal bain that a few people like. It *gasp* doesn't have Minako in it, but is a prequel to Tranquil Moon RPG, one of the two RPG's I helped start and the one I managed by myself. 
Separated Worlds
Hehehe! Finally! I found the story! Granted, it's kind of a sequel of sorts to Oracle of Dreams, but it's about the Charis Aglaia and her true love. I found Eris/Faith to be one of the most fascinating character's I've ever come across, and not just because my friend Kassandra plays her! So, I created this little fiction about her past life... it's cool in my opinion, because it's one of my few works that was written completely on paper until I published it on the web.... hehehe... 
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