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-=What would you do, For the Love Of Kuno?=-
Are you serious?!
What would you do,
For the Love of Kuno? ^.~
Wednesday, March 19, 2003: Well, as of now, the site isn't up, but I am working on it I decided to post this because there's a lot more I would like to add. I'm working on it, I really am. I'm writing this more or less as a reminder to myself to keep working! Get to work!!! You have to get this finished sometime Kasumi Kuno! Well, enjoy the site! ^_^;; Hmmm...
Why Not
About me
I caught Kuno!  ^_^
Hiya!  Fight on Chibi Kuno!  ^.^;; Latest News: I have recently accepted the fact that I am a fangirl! Oh yeah, and can't forget, I got myself a bokken! *blink blink* They sold ME a weapon?!?!

I adopted Boss from
The Ham-Ham Club House
Boss!  The official mascot of my Kuno site!  ^_^

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The other guys of Ranma...Don't worry I still love you

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