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Here are a few strange rumors you might want to know about (they're kinda interesting), also, if they are true or not ^_^

Prince Uranus

The Story: In the Silver Milleunium, Princess Uranus had a brother which Princess Neptune was in love with. When Princess Uranus was fighting, she got badly injured and was going to die. She had to give her powers to her brother so the Senshi Uranus would still live. Without her, the zodiac woulden't be complete. When Queen Serenity sent all the senshi to earth, Uranus's brother had to be trasformed into a girl because all the senshi are supposed to be girls. That's why Uranus and Neptune are in love.

True/False: FALSE -I think almost all of us know that this is a myth, SOS had this up for a while saying it was true. But there is absolutely no mention, in the anime or the manga, of a "Prince Uranus"

Uranus/Neptune Movie

The Story (actually a quote from Ikuhara-sama, the director): "That was a real plot I had thought up. I was once up to directing the Sailor Moon Super S Movie. It was going to be a story in which Uranus and Neptune were the main characters. It was going to be a story independant to the TV series and this was going to be the first appearance of Uranus and Neptune. And Sailor Neptune was going to be in a 1000-year sleep at a place called 'The End of the World.' And Sailor Uranus was needed to steal the talisman from the Sailor Scouts and use that to awaken Sailor Neptune. And Uranus was going to be riding the black pegasus. And the story was going to be that Sailor Moon would ride Pegasus to chase Sailor Uranus riding the Black Pegasus to the 'End of the World' And the climax of the story would've been the rodeo scene between Sailor Moon on white Pegasus and Sailor Uranus on Black Pegasus. And so this was kind of story I had in mind. But before production began, the producer walked off Sailor Moon. It would've been possible for me to make the story still, but since I came up with the story with the producer, I also walked off. But I had an attraction to the idea of "The End of the World" which I thought up for this plot. So the same thing in Utena comes from the Sailor Moon plot."

True/False: TRUE -obviously, its a quote ^_^ too bad he diden't do it though...well, than I woulden't have my beloved Shoujo Kakumei Utena would I?


The Story: In the anime, Haruka is a hermaphrodite/changes sex randomly, and in the manga, Haruka is a hermaphrodite/changes sex ramdomly. This is because the planet Uranus, is the planet of 'bisexual'

TRUE/FALSE: FALSE!!!! SHE IS ALL GIRL, ALL THE TIME. I actually saw on a web site somewhere, that Haruka, in the manga, changes sex because of the planet name. SHE IS NOT A STARLIGHT. Furthermore, she is not one of those weird frogs in South America that change sex when there is too much of one gender! So if anyone saw a web site like that, and became confused, I'm here to tell you (thankfully) she is ALWAYS a girl ^^

Hopefully I'll find some more interesting things to put up here. I just had to post this junk somewhere ^_^

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