Saturn Japanese Name: Tomoe Hotaru
Meaning: Glowing, of Earth
Birthday: January 6
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Blood Type: AB
Gemstone: Fluorite
Hair: Black
Eyes: Violet
Height: 3'9" (As a child) Colour: Violet
Hobby: Reading
Favored Food: Noodles
Least Favored Food: Milk
Favored Subject: World History
Least Favored subject: Phys Ed.
Dream: To be a nurse
Japanese Seiyuu: Yuko Minaguichi

Hotaru is the daughter of the S season villain, Dr. Tomoe. Hotaru has the power not only to heal, but also to hurt, and this causes many problems while Hotaru is in school.

Hotaru is being used as a pawn by the DeathBusters, and will be a vessel for Mistress 9. To drive out Mistress 9 Hotaru/SailorSaturn used Omega Soldier Recovery. To defeat the DeathBusters, SailorSaturn must use Death Reborn Revolution (Also called Death Ribbon Revolution, which is a play on words, the attack using ribbons, ribbon and revolution sounding so similar.) Using this attack kills Saturn, and she is then reborn. We don't see SailorSaturn again until the end of the SS season.