PallaPalla is one of the Amazon Quartet in the Dead Moon Circus. The Dead Moon Circus is controlled by Zirconia, who was under the command of Queen Nephrenia.

How ever the Amazon Quartet was created by NeoQueen Serenity to protect ChibiUsa. Before they were captured (In balls that they now fight with while they were sleeping.) by Queen Nephrenia, they were known as the Asteroid Senshi. PallaPalla was named after the asteroid Pallas. (PallaPalla is her Quartet name, Pallas her Senshi name) She is very childish, (more so then the rest of the Quartet.) playing with dolls and other toys all of the time.

PallaPalla is zany, loveable enime, and she drives Zirconia crazy. Again, more then the others. PallaPalla speaks in the third person, refering to herself as PallaPalla.

*Name Meaning: Falling in Drops
Colour: Blue
Circus Act:Trapeze
Hair Colour: Blue
*Seiyuu: Machiko Toyoshima.


Information with a "*" came from Parapara's Paradoxical, Palatial Para-site of Paraphernalia. Visit it. It's a fun place.