Sailor IronMouse

Sailor IronMouse, who is know as Nezu Chuuko in her civilian form, acting as a director, was the first of Galaxia's minions known as the Animates. It was the job of the Animates to gather StarSeeds.

The Animates are not really evil. [Ok, I know I had said that they were Senshi, however, I was partially wrong.]They joined Galaxia, stealing their power from the Senshi of their planet, IronMouse's being the *planet Chuu*.<. This made her a Senshi by default.
Explanation for the confusion:
In ep. 195 Nyanko who had been half healed by SailorMoon and by turns tried to help and kill the good Senshi. Princess Kakyuu said that she used to be a good Senshi and, since she was only half under the control of Galaxia, "... her sense of being a Sailor Soldier has awakened" (VKLL ep.195)
This is where some of my... confusion came in. I'm sorry if I confused anyone else.

IronMouse is very small and very cute. She is around for 11 episodes, which is longer then AluminumSiren and TinNyanko.

Senshi Name: Sailor IronMouse
Civilian Name: Nezu Chuuko
Planet: *Chuu*
Attack: *Galatica Crunch*
Hair: White
Color: Gray
Hobby: Traveling in a phone booth

Information between the * * came from here, Tomb Of the Little Known Senshi