Moon Japanese Name: Tsukino Usagi
English Name: Serena
Meaning: Rabbit of the Moon
Birthday: June 30
Astrological sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Gemstone: Diamond
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Height: 4'11"
Color: White and pink
Hobby: Eating, Sleeping, wining and crying
Favored Food: Ice cream
Least Favored Food: Carrots
Favored Subject: Home Economics
Least Favored subject: Math, English
School: Juuban Jr. High, Juuban High, CrossRoads Jr. High (American Dub)
Dream: To be a bride
Guardian: Luna
Japanese Seiyuu: Kotono Mitsuishi
English Voice Actor: Tracey Moore, Terri Hawkes, Linda Ballantyne