Sailor StarFighter

StarFighter Japanese Name: Kou Seiya
Meaning: Light of the Starry Night
Planet: Kinmoku
Birthday: July 30
Astrological sign: Leo
Blood Type: A
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Blue
Height: 5' 7"
Color: Red
Hobby: American Football
Favored Food: Hambuger
Favored Subject: Physical Education
Least Favored subject: Literature
School: Jyuuban College
Dream: To find his Princess, Princess Kakyuu
Instrument: Lead Vocal
Seiyuu: Shiho Niiyama
Attack: Star Serious Laser
Intro Speech: Surrounded by the dark denseness of the night, Sailor Star Fighter. Stage on!
Kou Seiya

Seiya is the lead vocalist in the band ThreeLights. As with the other StarLights, Seiya is a female disguised as a male. While on Earth they are in male bodies, and revert back to their true forms, female, when they become Senshi.
The StarLights came to Earth to find their Princess, Kakyuu Hime (Princess FireBall), who had escaped Galaxia and fled to Earth.
Out of all of the StarLights, Seiya has the hardest go of it. She (when she is in a male body, but still female) becomes attracted to Usagi. Seiya even calls Usagi "odango-atama" (Dumpling Head) like Mamoru did.

When Mamoru is presumably in America, Seiya saves SailorMoon, Usagi cries afterwards because she needed help to defeat the Phage, and Seiya says "aren't I enough?" Because he loves Usagi, but she is saying that she can't go on with out Mamoru.

In the Manga, the ThreeLights are and always have been female.