Sailor LeadCrow

Lead Crow with her whip Sailor LeadCrow, Karasuma Akane in civilian form, was the second of Galaxia's minions known as the Animates.

It was the job of the Animates to gather StarSeeds. AluminumSiren, from what I've seen, came the closest to capturing SailorMoon's StarSeed.

When AluminumSiren was introduced she was viewed as a rival to LeadCrow. However I believe that their relationship resembles that between Usagi and Rei, in that they are very close friends. (Even if they fight a lot.) Like when TinNyanko killed AluminumSiren LeadCrow wept for her.

The Animates are not really evil. [Ok, I know I had said that they were Senshi, however, I was partially wrong.]They joined Galaxia, stealing their power from the Senshi of their planet, LeadCrow's being the planet *Coronis*. This made her a Senshi by default.
Explanation for the confusion:
In ep. 195 Nyanko who had been half healed by SailorMoon and by turns tried to help and kill the good Senshi. Princess Kakyuu said that she used to be a good Senshi and, since she was only half under the control of Galaxia, "... her sense of being a Sailor Soldier has awakened" (VKLL ep.195)
This is where some of my... confusion came in. I'm sorry if I confused anyone else.

Senshi Name: Sailor LeadCrow
Civilian Name: Karasuma Akane
Meaning: Red Crow
Planet: *Coronis*
Attack: *Galatica Tornado*
Hair: Dark brown
Color: Brown
Hobby: Traveling in a phone booth

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