ChibiMoon Japanese Name: Usagi (friends and family call her ChibiUsa)
English Name: Serena, but called Rini
Meaning: Little Bunny
Birthday: June 30
Astrological sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Gemstone: Diamond
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Red
Hight: 3'5"
Colour: Red and Pink
Hobby: Collecting rabbit trinkets
Favored Food: Pudding
Least Favored Food: Carrots
Favored Subject: Art
Least Favored subject: Japanese Language
School: Juuban Elementary School
Dream: To become a lady like her mother
Japanese Seiyuu: Kae Araki
English Voice Actor: Tracey Hoyt, Stephanie Beard

ChibiUsa is NeoQueen Serenity and Knig Endymon's daughter from the future. ChibiUsa apears in SailorMoon R, and transforms into BlackLady. She reapears in SailorMoon S and stays until the end of the SS season.

Chibi Usa Heaven