Japanese Name: ChibiCbibi
Meaning: Little Little
Birthday: June, 30
Astrological sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Gemstone: Diamond
Hair: Red or Dark Pink
Eyes: Blue
Height: 3'
Color: Pink and Red
Hobby: Being cute
Favored Food: Doughnuts, sweets
Least Favored Food: None
School: Not in school
Dream: To fix her mistakes

ChibiChibi is not Serenity's or ChibiUsa's daughter! I don't care who told you that, or why you think that, but it's not true!
ChibiChibi is Galaxia's StarSeed, as well as being the a discuise of Cosmos, who is the Ultimate form of Sailor Moon.

ChibiChibi appeared from the sky, (sound familiar?) She floated down with a parasol in her hand and cuteness all around her in the final season of SailorMoon, the Stars series.

Disclamer: Ok, I'm guessing on the birthday (Which includes astrological sign and stone.) but it makes sense, that since ChibiChibi is (by default) SailorMoon, they have the same birthday.

Cosmos and ChibiChibi has a really great explanation of who and what Cosmos/SailorCosmos ChibiChibi/SailorChibiChibi are.
So go there if you want some real information.