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Uranus: Enchanted by the New Age, SailorUranus, acting gorgeous!
Neptune: The same here, SailorNeptune, acting gracefully!

Guarded by Uranus, planet of the skies... I am the Soldier of flight, SailorUranus!

Guarded by Neptune, the planet of the deep sea... I am the Soldier of affinity, SailorNeptune!

My guardian deity is a planet far up in the sky, the soldier of the sky... SailorUranus!

My guardian deity is a planet with the sea of sand, the soldier of embrace... SailorNeptune!

My guardian deity is the planet of silence, the soldier of death and rebirth... SailorSaturn! (Saturn's first introduction)

Uranus & Neptune Scenes

Haruka: Then why did you protect me? If you hurt your hands, you can't be a violinist!
Neptune: I didn't snoop around just because you're a soldier. Before I knew that you were the one, I was watching you from nearby when you were racing for the first time. I always wanted to ride in your car along the coastline, just once. you never ask any favors of anyone. You are always faithful to your feelings.
Haruka: I’m not faithful. I’m always running away.
Neptune: I know more about you than you do, because I watch you all the time. I don't want you to take the same way I took. Still, I was happy when I found out that you were the one...

Neptune: Uranus! Uranus! I think you eat too many sweets these days...
Uranus: I never listen to that kind of talk outside a bed...

Uranus: A world where children never grow up?
Neptune: There are so many more fun things to do as adults! They really don't need to do this.

Neptune: I can endure anything with you… Even being burned in the fires of hell…
Uranus: Hell? It doesn’t suit you…
Neptune: I don’t regret it...

Uranus: Are... you... scared, Michiru?
Neptune: I... want... to ... touch... you... Haruka... I... can… see… the… light…
Uranus: You’re... warm... Michiru...

Haruka & Michiru Scenes

Haruka: You like it here don't you?
Michiru: Now I feel relaxed, I can stay here for hours
Haruka: I'll feel more relaxed when I'm in front of a steering wheel
Michiru: Don't be silly, I'm not talking about the fish

Michiru: Haruka doesn't care for popular men
Haruka: Hey...
Michiru: I know, I know, Bye!
Haruka: Ouch! You're hurting me Michiru!
Michiru: Oh am I?
Haruka: I want you to touch me gently
Michiru: Later, when we're alone

Haruka: I didn't know that there was someone who was brave enough to fall in love with you.
Michiru: It's not often that you would get jealous.
Haruka: I'm not jealous. I just can't allow you to look at anyone else besides me.
Michiru: Haruka, that's called jealousy.

Haruka: We might be the existence within a momentary twinkling of the space which was made by somebody else...
Michiru: That sounds scary...
Haruka: Does it? When you think that both sorrow and agony are illusory, you can feel comfortable.

Michiru: You've become good friends with them, did you?
Haruka: Are you jealous?
Michiru: Maybe...

Haruka: I am happy to see you.
Michiru: What?
Haruka: Let's keep driving. I’m not going to let you go tonight.
Michiru: My!

Haruka: It's getting cold, isn't it?
Michiru:Do you want me to warm you up?

Haruka: I know these hands are already dirty. I will make any sacrifice and use any means to get the talismans.
Haruka: Michiru? Come on, what's wrong?
Michiru: Haruka...don't worry. I like your hands.

Uranus Quotes

Uranus: We no longer have wings to fly freely in the blue sky! We have dirtied our hands with the blood of betrayal...

Uranus: Fighter, what you’re trying to protect isn’t space, peace and the future, is it? From now on, you want to protect her.

Neptune Quotes

Neptune: oh, maybe you misunderstood. A world without Haruka is hardly worth saving.

Haruka Quotes

Haruka: It’s not fair to indulge in your own world. Don’t leave me alone.

Hotaru Quotes

Hotaru: Haruka poppa, and Michiru momma, I was studying with Setsuna momma.

Scene of Saturn's Awakening

Saturn: Wake up! Wake up, sleeping soul under my protection!
Hotaru: Who are you?
Saturn: I am sailor Saturn. I am your guardian.
Hotaru: My guardian?
Saturn: The time is coming. Wake up right now! Now, close your eyes!

I got these quotes and scenes from Vkll's subtitled versions of Sailor Moon S, SS, and Stars

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