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In this section I am trying to figure whom, if either, is the dominant of the couple.

There seems to be a lot of play and banter between Haruka and Michiru in their free time. Walking in the park, going to carnivals. And though they may only be 16, there seems to be a lot of sexual innuendos between them

Haruka and Michiru seem to be a traditional butch - femme couple. With them, it is easy to see where these gender lines fall.
Haruka, with her boyish good looks, masculine dress and speech. Michiru with her grace, elegance, and love of cosmetics.

But who is the dominant one in the relationship? Who is the instigator? With many traditional butch/femme relationships, it is the butch who is the dominant one.
It seems likely that it would be Haruka in the dominant position, she being the one who wears the pants in the relationship. She makes many sexually loaded comments. However it is not one-sided.
One of my favorite scenes (Stars season) where Haruka and Michiru are in a park talking with Usagi, and Michiru makes a comment that offends Haruka (That Haruka doesn't care for popular men) Michiru grabs Haruka's arm and drags her away. Haruka complains that Michiru is hurting her, and that she (Haruka) wants Michiru to touch her gently. Michiru replies "Later, when we're alone." Michiru is actively participating in the sexual banter. This leads me to believe that Haruka and Michiru share and exchange dominance and instigator roles. There is also a scene in the SS movie were Neptune makes innuendos.
Uranus comments, "A world where children never grow up?" where Neptune replies "There are so many more fun things to do as adults!" At this, Uranus clears her throat in embarrassment.
Is Haruka more easily embarrassed by the sexual and teasing comments? I would think so. I can remember no time that Michiru was embarrassed by on of Haruka's comments. This in no way means that I think that Haruka is less sexual or more prudish then Michiru. I just think that maybe Haruka gets more embarrassed by the banter and teasing, especially when there are other there to hear.
Maybe it's that Haruka is a private person, and her personal life is just that, personal. No one should know what goes on behind closed doors.
But in the beginning of the Stars when a minion throws Uranus off the top of a building, Neptune and Pluto are trying to pull her back up. Neptune makes the comment that Haruka is eating too many sweets. (Neptune is having trouble pulling her up). To that Haruka replies that she will "never listen to that kind of talk outside a bed"

Besides the sexual side of the relationship, there is the question of who is in charge. And in this there seems to be no clear answer. They seem to be more of an equal pair, both contributing equally. This, I believe is because of the close bond between the two, they are of like minds on many subjects. However, when their opinions differ, they are able to see the other's point of view.
This makes for an ideal relationship, everything equal and shared, and everything understood and in place. Unfortunately this is a fictional relationship, and it is easy to make fictional relationships perfect.

So in the end, I can draw no conclusion other then that Haruka and Michiru are pretty much equal in their banter and play, and in everything they do. At times Haruka seems to be the leader, at others, it's Michiru.
So the butch/femme relationship goes no further then looks and tastes.

Butch: Exhibiting stereotypically or exaggeratedly masculine traits or appearance. Used especially of lesbians.
A lesbian who is noticeably masculine

Butch: (used as an adjective - "I'm Butch" or "I'm a butch woman" as opposed to "I'm *a* Butch") a culturally defined masculine female. The masculine gender expression can fall anywhere on a continuum that includes any and all of the following: masculine mannerisms, male clothing, haircuts, tastes, interest pursuits, thought processes and view of the world. May or may not be sexually aggressive (do-er vs. receivers). Is comfortable with the term "woman" as applied to themselves. Runs the gamut from "butchy woman" to "soft butch", "butch woman" "butch".


Femme: Exhibiting stereotypical or exaggerated feminine traits. Used especially of lesbians. -

Femme: a lesbian/queer woman who expresses the cultural norm for feminine appearance. May or may not wear makeup, heels, dresses. No particular personality traits: runs the gamut from soft, sweet and passive to bold, brassy & aggressive. Is very comfortable with her female body and identity as a woman.


The views expressed on this page are strictly my own. Flame me if you like for having them. I will enjoy it immensely. But remember, you might not like my reply.

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