Sympathy For Michiru

rated: G
Haruka and Michiru copyright Naoko Takeuchi and associates

Teal eyes met blue with a calm defiance. Carefully lifting her tea cup to her lips, Michiru took a sip without breaking concentration. They were not alone at the table, but for all the world they very well looked like they were. The child next to Michiru shuddered slightly; one could almost feel the two trying to read one another's minds.

Suddenly, Michiru sat back in her chair, eyes glinting with confidence at victory, "Three," she declared, flashing a glorious smile, and still meeting the blonde's steady gaze.

Haruka's face didn't waver. A slight smirk sprang to her lips. Setsuna and Hotaru turned head from Michiru to Haruka in quiet waiting. The words came loud, clear and commanding from Haruka's mouth as the smirk faded to a gloat, "Go fish."



Author's Notes: Thanks to Katie for typing this.

original story copyright 2002
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