Sailor Moon: Music Of The Heart: Epilouge
Guardian Star

For long moments after the monster was destroyed, Sailor Neptune could only stare in fascination at the magificent warrior from the long ago popular planet of Neptune. *Can it be? Is he really from our past? Is he really a fighter...with the Sailor Senshi?* But somehow, her heart answered those questions for her. Familiarity and recognition flowed through her and she realized that yes indeed...he was a part of her past in the Silver Millenium...more that she ever dreamed of with a man.

Just then, Knight Neptune carefully lowered his trident, then slowly walked over to where Neptune was struggling to sit up. "Sailor Neptune, are you hurt badly?" He voice was still strong and confident.

", I'm fine, thank you. It's nothing I didn't get before." Sailor Neptune took a deep breath and slowly stood up with his help. But despite the pain she receive from the demon, she couldn't ignore the loud thumping of her heart, the slight blush to her cheeks as he put a protective arm around her.

"Good. I'm glad you're okay....Michiru..." Knight Neptune replied. He gently tucked a stray strand of her teal-colored hair behind her ear. Blinking in surprise, Neptune stepped back a little.

"What? What are you talking...I...I'm not...." But before she could finish, the tall warrior placed a finger over her lips, quieting her.

"Shh...I know who you are," he whispered. "Somehow, I've always known." He smiled slightly and looked around. "Well, looks like she would hurry on out of here before the authorities come. Or else we'd have alot of explaining to do..."

"Right," Neptune breathed out. She turned away and took a step, but the pain from the injuries she sustained made her slightly dizzy, and she fell with a gasp into Knight Neptune's arms as he caught her. For a few seconds, she could only stare into his intense grey eyes. So many things were rushing through her mind and body then, she could barely keep up. The whole room disappeared then. The room, the building, Italy...the world. Right now, it was only him and her. Her heart pounded loudly in her chest then, totally not expecting to feel this way about a man.

Then, unable to help himself, Knight Neptune leaned forward and gently kissed her on the lips. At first it was so soft, then it deepened. Neptune's eyes widened in complete surprise, then as instantly as the surprise came, she decided not to fight anymore and let the thrill of the feeling he gave her flow over her body. Sure, she had kissed plenty of young men...ones who had tried to take their liberties and steal a few kisses. A few she had agreed to and given a kiss or two, but others...other times she had to fight those greedy lechers off her. But this kiss...this kiss was oh so different. It filled her with such emotion she could barely describe, not even when she was with Haruka. It lasted a few moments, and just as she was wishing it would last, Knight Neptune pulled away and smiled gently.

"We should go..." he said, as he reluctantly steadied her on her feet and let her go. Just then, the sounds of running feet came from the staircases close by and down the hall, signfying the presence of the Italian Police Force.

"Yes," Neptune said, still slightly in shock. With quick moves, the two hurried to the balconey sliding door and jumped out, landed perfectly on the other balcony next to it. Just at that second, the door burst open, and the crowd of the officers rushed in, looking around curiously.


The next day

As she carefully put away her violin after practicing with the other performers at the outside pavilion by the cathedral at the Vatican, Michiru's mind wandered back to last night..and what she had shared with Knight Neptune. When Haruka and Yume had come to her with their tale, she couldn't help but feel a little left out and jealous of Yume. She was afraid that somehow, he would take Haruka from her...make the blonde racer forget her because they had so much in common and able to give each other. She had never imagine Haruka would care about someone else like that. But was entirely different. Now Michiru was the one who now had a story to tell about actually meeting someone with her common interests, someone she thought would never have existed in the world. She unerstood what her partner must have felt and went through with Knight Uranus. As she knew Haruka was, she was confused. Very confused and very surprised. She sighed as she closed the lid of the violin case. Well, now SHE had an interesting tale to tell the rest of the Senshi.

She turned and was about to leave, when a figure suddenly walked up behind her. She felt a hand on her shoulder, and turned around with a small gasp. She smiled softly when she saw it was Hiroshi.

"Hiroshi! Where...where have you been? You left so fast last night. You missed rehearsal, and tonight's the performance...and..and..." Michiru stammered. *How can I tell him that I was actually worried about him?* she thought to herself.

Hiroshi chuckled and tucked some hair behind his ear. "Sorry about leaving like that. I had so much to think about." He admitted. "And as for the rehearsal..I've practiced my piece until I am sick of it."

He then looked at her seriously. "I...I suppose after this you'll be heading back to Japan. I was thinking...maybe...that.." He sighed nervously.

"Yes, Hiroshi-san?" Michiru smirked playfully.

"I was thinking....maybe if it's okay with you...that I can go back to Japan with you...maybe to just get to know you a little better and meet your friends. never told me if you were seeing someone already. He shoved his hands in his khaki shorts pockets a little shyly.

With a mysterious smile, Michiru looked into his eyes. "Well, there is someone that will always hold a special place in my heart, and I will always be special in that person's heart. Someone I care about alot. But maybe..if you play your cards right, you might have a chance...just maybe." she said playfully, enjoying the flirtatious game she was played so often before in fun with other men. At the hopeful look on Hiroshi's face, she smiled a little more. "But if you're really serious about that, maybe you should come and see how it is, and meet my other friends."

"I'd like that." Hiroshi smiled back.

"Just be ready to be challenged to a race...that is, if you race cars." Michiru looked at him through the corners of her eyes as they walked off together in the in the distance under the high noon sun.

"Race? As in cars? Sure. What's he going to do, beat me up if I lose?" Hiroshi's eyebrows went up.

Michiru turned to him, and at the comical look on Hiroshi's face, she couldn't help but throw her head back and laugh out loud, especially at the "he" comment, assuming the person she was talking about was a guy. That never got old! The sound of her laughter filled the area, carrying with it joy and happiness. High above, a flock of pigeons flew off with a flutter in the bright, blue sky.