An Innocent Trip to the Mall

rated: PG13 - adult humor, sexual reference
Haruka and Michiru copyright Naoko Takeuchi and associates

Haruka's blue eyes widened. Michiru turned back to see what had stopped her dead in her tracks. Seeing the objects holding the woman's awestruck gaze, she sighed.

"Michi-chan, can we go in this store?"

"Haruka, I'm not taking you into Victoria's Secret! Last time I did you made me try on nearly everything in there."

"That's the point, Michi-chan!" the taller woman grinned, looking like a Cheshire cat. Michiru's insistent glare made Haruka move away from the display window.

"This is the last time I take you through this section, Haruka. Now, can we focus on the task at hand?"

Haruka's blue eyes followed a twenty-something's breasts down the escalator, "Sure, Michi-chan, lead the way."

"Stop drooling over every pair of breasts that are bigger than your head and pay attention," Michiru glided into the next store, a ladies' clothing store. She was careful enough to sway her hips, just enough to catch Haruka's eye.

Sure enough, Haruka came wandering in, transfixed by the sway, "Michi-chan, try this on."

Michiru glanced at the skimpy swimsuit Haruka held out, "Darling, it's the middle of winter. I'm looking for winter clothes."

"So? I bet it'd look sexy on you. A paper bag would look sexy on you, Michi-chan," Haruka held out the swimsuit hopefully.

"If I try it on, will you concentrate on getting winter clothing?"

Haruka nodded solemnly.

"Gimme the suit."

Later, when they'd arrived safely home, Michiru looked into the sack she carried, "I'll never be able to explain to Setsuna this credit card bill. Thick socks, a woolen scarf, gloves for you, one winter coat, two sweaters, a gallon of water, a swimsuit and a canister of whipped cream."

Haruka deftly plucked her gloves out of the sack, "With all luck, she'll just assume something."

"That's what I'm afraid of," said Michiru dryly, snatching the whipped cream away from the blonde, "this is to decorate Hotaru's cake tomorrow!"

"Can't it decorate my cake tonight?"

Somewhere in the distant realms of Haruka's mind, the part of her conscious usually displaying itself as a devil laughed. That could just be because it was watching "Friends", but we will never know.



Author's Notes: The ending to this 'fic actually makes more sense if you've read another of my stories, "Haruka's Temptation" Unfortunately, Katie has yet to send me her typed copy, and I've lost my original copy.

Thanks to Katie for typing this!

original story copyright 2002
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